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Original Microman Series

1977 Microman Commands


Microman Series



Microman Zone
First year of included the Founder Microman, Micro Kit Machines and Conning Tower.



Project Victory

Second year saw more Microman and several new sub series such as the Acroyears, Titans and Victory series.



Spy Magician

The line finally came into its own during the third year with new figures and the classic Microman Transfer Fortress.



A watershed year for Microman series, this year saw some of the best toys for the line. 



Police Keeper

Takara tried new design and direction for the series with the released of Hoodman and Arden. 



Rescue Team
Takara "rescue" attempt for the series with the Rescue Team Microman.  This year saw updated of the old favorite like the New Tower Base.



Punch & Blizzard Man
The last year of the original series saw the shift in the line to more robotics look and larger figures.


New Microman Series



New Microman
Takara reset the line and relaunch the series under the New Microman banner.



Micro Robot
Micro Robot series became the main focus of the new line.  Takara also tried to cash in on the "pla-mo" popularity with Real Type and Micro Borg.



Micro Change
The "transformation" for Microman series began with the Micro Change series.




Takara continued with the successful Micro Change series but the changing of the guard was inevitable.

1977 marked the watershed year for Microman series. The manga published in TV Magazine was very popular and Microman line finally came into its own and even surpassed the Henshin Cyborg series. This year saw some of the most well design Microman figures not to mention probably the most numerous in term of varieties and types. 1977 also saw an introduction of the one and only female Microman figure for the original series. The Titans also had their own series that tie-in with the Takara rail car toy line. The theme for this year was Microman Command ( or Commando as they were sometimes called).



Microman Commands were ancient Microman that arrived on earth several thousand years ago before the destruction of Micro Earth.  They were at one time the same size as human and they helped ancient human civilization build such landmarks as Easter Island stone statues, Egyptian Pyramids and others ancients "mysterious" landmarks.  This year concept was to capture the recent UFO fever and speculations that the ancients civilization were visited by aliens (in Takara version they were, of course, these Microman Command) who help human by instructing them about technology and building great structures.  The Command3 was patterned after ancient Japanese clay statue believe by many UFO believers to be a representation of alien in "astronaut flight suit". The Lady Command were suppose to be the angels of the past which many believed were alien being. Unlike any other years, each types of Microman figures in the Command series were completely different from one another and each came with its own unique capsule case. The Command series were probably some of the best Microman figure designs to come out of Takara in 1970's.

Microman Titan also had their own version of the Command series.  Titan Commands were "essence" of ancients Microman that were left inside these robotics android bodies.  These androids underwent alpha H-7 evolution and began to take on the personality of their creators.  When Titan 1 and Titan 2 started to investigate planet Saturn these ancient robots were awaken.  Titan Commands build a side kick robotics cars call Titan GIMCA cars.  These Titan cars were die-cast rail cars that were being sold by Takara at the time under GIMCA label. Takara also released several type of vehicles this year many of which were based on exotic race cars and super cars (a popular theme with kids in Asia this year).  The toys were made so they can be put together much like a plastic model kits. Takara also made traditional (non-kits) vehicles such as the Surveyors Series and several big robots including the Giant Acroyear, Mecha Acroyear and Robot Machine Z.




Microman Command Series
  M15X Type Command 1
  M16X Type Command 2

  M17X Type Command 3

  M18X Type Lady Command


Titan Command Series
T45X Type Titan Command 1
  T46X Type Titan Command 2

  T47X Type Titan Command 3

  T48X Type Titan Command 4

  T49X Type Titan Command 5


Super Steel Microman Series

  Microman Gakeen


Uniquer Force

  U61X Type Study Uniquer
  (Akube, Gosenshin, Tepan, Dakoya)


Command Car Series
Racing Buggy
  Tyrell Machine

  Earth Jetter

  Twin Racer


Titan Gimca Series
  F1 Cosmo Rod
  F2 Tai Bird

  F3 Apo Rod

  F4 Magma Rod


  Titan Command Dash-Rail


Cosmo Car Series
  Cosmo Porsche
  Cosmo Countach


Super Mecha Series
  Robot Machine Z

  Mecharoid V MR-2


Acroyear Series

  Mecha Acroyear

  Giant  Acroyear


Surveyor Series
Surveyor 1

  Surveyor 2

  Surveyor 3




Microman Gum Premium

  White M15X "Antonio"

  Black M16X "Egypton"

  White Magma Rod


Hoodman Sausage Premium

  Gold Plated H71X Type


TV Magazine Premium

  Black H71X Type



Command Story

Microman Commands were ancient Microman that came to earth long ago and help ancient human civilization build great structure and teach them scientific knowledge.  These ancients Microman were in hibernation and were awaken by the Spectrum MX Ray fired from Microman Transfer Fortress and Microman Surveyor vehicles.