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Micro Millennium

Return of Microman 1999-2003


Replica Microman Series




M10X "barefoot" 



M15X Command 1  



M16X Command 2  



A30X Acroyear 1  



M17X Command 3  



M25X Rescue Team  



M18X Lady Command 



M14X Spy Magician  





M11X Microman  



M12X Microman  



A35X Satan Arden  



MC-X Micro Knight  



M13X Spy Magician








H70X Micro Hoodman  



H71X Micro Hoodman



H72X Micro Hoodman





MD60X Micro Devilman



M26X Rescue Team  



M27X Rescue Team  





M28X Rescue Team



In 1999, Takara, for the first time since 1984, produced new Microman toys. (Microman 21 series was produced under license by Romando). The new Microman series was divided into two distinct lines - the Magne Powers series and the Replica Microman series. The Replica Microman series was mainly aim at adult collectors and older fans and consisted of reissues of vintage Microman figures along with limited and exclusive new color variations.  The Magne Powers Series (and later LED Series) was designed for the kids with brand new toy designs and new story line, including for the first time in Microman history, a Microman anime series. Beside the anime, Takara also commissioned manga serial for Bom Bom comic magazine.

The Founder series launched the Replica Microman Series and soon were follow with the reissued of many old favorites such as the Acroyear A30X, Spy Magician M14X and Lady Command during the first year. Beside the reissue versions, Takara also released several new color variations and even new members to add to the rank of the old.  In 2000, Takara followed with more reissued and even more color variants. However, the Microman market became very saturated with many variants and by 2001 Takara had severely scale back the release of the Replica Series.

The Magne Power series was launched with much fanfare and anticipation on December 26th 1998. The series eventually achieved only a mild success with kids and even less with adult collectors who felt the new series was too different from the old especially with the 8cm scale and limited articulations of the new figures. By 2000, Takara, also in financial dire, reduced the new series to just a few dozen of toys and canceled the very expensive Microman anime and also eventually the manga in Bom Bom. In 2001 Takara put the new Microman series for the second time on a hiatus.

The Replica Series was still being released in 2002 but was on a very limited basis and mainly through Takara e-Hobby Shop.  In 2003 Takara decided to test Microman market with brand new but small series called Microman 2003.  This time the line was aim more at the collectors and older fans.  Only time will tell how Microman will fare in this new millennium...

1999 Microman Story

One spring day, a small package is delivered to Kohei Kuji, a school boy.   When he open the box he found five small action-figures inside.   To his surprise, they begin to move around and start to talk to him.   They introduce themselves as "Microman", coming from Micro-earth which locate at the far end of the universe.   They start to explain about their mission, telling him that earth is now in danger.   There is an evil power, call Acroyer, conspired to conquer the universe.   The five Magne Power Microman are send to Kohei to save earth by the mysterious man name Professor K.

Twenty five years prior, the original four Microman were free from their capsules by a  boy name Akira Katagai, son of a prominent scientist Dr. Katagai.   Microman told Akira that they came from distant planet call Micro-earth.   They soon discovered that they were not the only one that arrived on earth, the evil Microman call the Acroyears have also arrived on earth and their powers were benefited greatly from earth's pollution. The four Microman build the Conning Tower and fired the Spectrum MX ray to seek out other Microman to aid them in their battle against the Acroyears.   Microman went into hiding after the defeat of the Acroyears during the Great Blizzard Operation campaign, until now...

1999 Magne Powers Series 


Magne Microman


Magne Titan


Super Microman


 Magne Powers Exclusive


2000 LED Powers Series


Laser Microman


Secret Breaster


Shining Tector


LED Powers Exclusive


U-Borg Series


Microman 2003 Series


Micro Force


Tatsunoko Fight


Commander Survive


Material Force


dotcom Microman


Microman Anime

For the first time Microman line was accompany by anime series. The anime was produced by Studio Pierrot and mainly aim at young kids.  Along with the anime, Takara also produced Microman manga for Bom Bom comic magazine.