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Micro Archive

Microman Artifacts (1974-1984)


Microman Catarog


Original Microman and New Microman Series



Magne & LED Powers Microman Series



Replica Microman Series

Like many other popular brands, Takara have released and licensed Microman name for other products both in the past and in the present during the current revival of Microman series.  Microman merchandise range from book, gum, candy, comic, to music CD, video game and even sausage!    Microman merchandise and related items thus became integral part of any Micro collection. This section has been divided into three sections - vintage Microman items from the original and New Microman series, merchandise from current Replica Microman and merchandise from the Magne & LED Powers Microman. Please keep in mind that this section is by no mean a complete list of merchandise related to Microman since there are literally thousand of such products both from the past and from the current revival period.

Micro-Catarog 1974-2000

(under construction)

Microman catalog were the integral part of Microman series. Most of the background story were contained in these small miniature booklets. Takara published many of these catarog that were included with various toys throughout the years. This section will try to archive Microman catalog from past to presents.