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Micronauts/Microman Fans Facebook
 This is Facebook page for fans of Microman and Micronauts run by MicroBry, AcroRay and Alexis D.

MicroBry Rocket Tubes Blog
 Take Bryan's Rocket Tubes to Micro-related  websites around the world and visit RBS Blog

Dave W's Inner Space

In-depth look licensed Microman toys - Mego Micronauts


Micropolis Embassy
 Yahoo! Microman and Micronauts Collector Group run by AcroRay and MicroBry


Onell Design
  Matt's awesome Microman inspired toys and artworks, you can even buy his cool creations



Other universes



Star Wars Collection @microforever





Armor Transformation Masked Rider Series @microforever



Super Imaginative Chogokin Collection @microforever


Gundam FIX

Gundam FIX Figuration Collection @microforever

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Micro Credit

I would like to thanks the following people without them my Microman collecting would have been much more difficult if not impossible.

Tom Vigneau for having the first US Microman web site and point me out to where I can get Microman in my early days.

Ron Pringle for Micropola Web Site, a great page to learn about Microman and it's heritage.  He also responsible for Micropola mailing list and also the publisher of Micropola Magazine - a Microman/-nauts Magazine. He also introduce me to Fantasiatoys where I do most of my shopping.

Erik Larsen for putting out the first Micronauts web site and venture us back into the realm of our forgotten childhood toys.

Felix Lu for being a great dealer who also really enjoy the hobby of collecting toys. (A rarity in this day and age of eBay).    Check out link to his store under Micro Tour.

Bryan Wilkinson for countless hours of translating and reporting on the latest Micro-info and also for maintaining Rocket Tube, Micro Verse Web-Ring and the Rescue Base Seattle Web Site, a great resources for Microman/Transformers info and latest info on Microman Anime.

Also special thanks to Rik Ruff of Microman MegaPlex, Masato Shono of Shono-Planning and Yutaka Ishida of Kikodo for all the help and info on the latest Micro-News  from Japan.  And my friend Dave Waugh of ISO for the help with all things Micronauts.

This web page would not have been possible without the following people - my friend Chris Licciardi for helping me with MS Frontpage and teaching me basic web authoring , and my wife, Brandy who gave me advices and watches me spend countless hours on the computer trying to get the page just right.

Special thanks to the following people for their generous donations to help keep the site hosting cost