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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21 (Two-One) Series 1996-1997





20th Anniversary "Birth of Microman" Set (3/1996)

M150 Edge (M21) Gold Plated  Microman Command 1 with Microman Analysis Book


"Easter Island" Set Microman Command 1 (4/1996)

M151 East

M152 Eric

M153 Elder

M154 Evan

M155 Evil (M21) 


"White Box" Set Microman Command 2 (10/1996)

M161 Sheriff

M162 Sander

M165 Stealth (M21) 


"Black Box" Set Microman Command 2 (10/1996)

M163 Smith

M164 Sammy

M166 Saram (M21)


Wonder Fest Exclusive Microman Command Watch (10/1996)

Talking Watch


"Sammy (Popular Type)" Set Microman Command 2 (12/1996)

M164 Sammy (Popular Type) with Gold Plated Capsule




"Microman Rescue Set" (2/1997)
M251 Robin

M254 Wayne

M255 Wilder (M21)


"Green Set" Police Keeper Micro Knight (3/1997)
MC 7 
MC 13


"Blue Set" Police Keeper Micro Knight (3/1997)
MC 8 
MC 11


"Orange Set" Police Keeper Micro Knight (3/1997)
MC 9
MC 12


Microman Spy Magician (8/1997)
M131 Dick
M132 Dan

M133 Danny

M134 David


"Special Set" Microman Spy Magician (8/1997)
M135 Dural (M21)
M136 Dyson


"Wonder Fest Spy Magician" (8/1997)
M130 Dio (M21)


Real Microman Bio-Mechanic Suit (8/1997)
BS-1 Heat Resistance Type

BS-1 Mineral Searcher Type

BS-2 Dust-proof Filter Type

BS-2 Deep Sea Type


Wonder Fest Exclusive Clear Bio-Mechanic Suit (8/1997)
BS-1 Night Operation Type

BS-2 High-Temp Nuclear Type

In 1996, a small hobby company called ROMANDO, acquired a provisional license from TAKARA to reissue Microman figures. This marked the first time since 1984, that Microman series would again be produced and sold. Romando named the series - Microman 21 (Two-One), since the year 1996 marked the 21st anniversary of Microman series.

ROMANDO released the first set of the Two-One series in March of 1996 with special 20th Anniversary Commemorative set "Birth of Microman" which included a gold plated Microman Command 1 and a book titled Net Zero-Zero Square Microman Analysis which detailed the history of Microman toys from the early beginning as part of the Henshin Cyborg. The first set was a big success and rejuvenated the interest for this long forgotten series. ROMANDO followed the 20th Anniversary set with full series reproduction of Microman Command 1 set (dubbed the Easter Island set). ROMANDO then followed up with two reproduction box sets of Microman Command 2 series.

Microman 21 line continued on in 1997 with the release of Microman Rescue series, Micro Knight and the much loved Microman Spy Magician. However, by this time a wave of Micro-mania has been started and the series that was once relegated by most toys collectors in Japan as cheap plastic figures became a much sought after line. TAKARA sensing the resurgence in popularity of Microman decided to end the provisional licensed that they have granted to ROMANDO and used legal injunction to take the license back. The license was left in limbo for much of 1998, when the two companies were locked in bitter disputed regarding the right to produced Microman toys. In mid 1998, the court rule in favor of TAKARA and they successfully took the license away from ROMANDO and thus effectively put and end to the two years run of Microman 21 series.


By the end of 1998, the license was firmly back in TAKARA hands and they announced not only the reproduction series of classic Microman series (the Replica Series) but also a brand new series called Microman Magne Power. However, this section of Microman Forever is dedicated to the short but notable series of Microman by ROMANDO. While TAKARA have since tried to erase the Microman 21 series from the series "official" history, it was clear without the initiative by ROMANDO, the rebirth of Microman would have come much later if not all. This section is dedicate to ROMANDO Micro21 series which in a way reintroduce many of us to our long forgotten diminutive friends from our childhood and most of all for truly making Microman forever.


Microman 21 Story

Romando Microman 21 story was pretty much a continuation of the original Microman story from 1970's vintage series. Romando even attempted to bridge some of the story between Microman (1974) and New Microman (1980) series. Their effort however was later annul by Takara when they released Microman Replica Series in 1999. Now Romando story and designation was pretty much view as sort of "official" fan-fic story and no longer the official lore. This was unfortunate since many of Romando characters were much more interesting than Takara Replica Microman characters.