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Microman series is currently being put on indefinite hiatus by Takara-Tomy toys, so there really just isn't any new to report.  Hasbro have recently acquired Micronauts licensed and is planning to reintroduce Micro-series to the west but that plan also seems to have been put on hold awaiting the fate of Micronauts movie.

You can find the archive of news from past years on the right.  In the meantime, you can find news about Microman by joining Yahoo Group or Facebook Microman/Micronauts Fans.  (Links are on the main page of Microforever under MicroResources).

Breaking News

2014 3A is doing reimagined Microman String Divers and Takara-Tomy is reviving Micro Action Series under new A.R.T.S. series.

 This year is the 40th anniversary of Microman, so there may be hope of new Microman series by Takara-Tomy.


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