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Microman Magne Power

1999 Series 1 - Magne Microman


Magne Microman


1999 Microman Magne Power Series


Series 1 - Winter 1998

Magne Power Microman
The debut series for the new Microman line. The initial wave consisted of basic figures and deluxe magnemo toys. 


Series 2 - Spring 1999

Magne Titan
Second series added more magnemo toys and introduced the Titans.


Series 3 - Summer 1999

Super Microman

The line greatly expanded to include Microman base, new Microman figures and two large size Robotman toys.


Magne Power Exclusive

Limited Editions
Magne series line-up also included several exclusives and limited edition figures and toys.


2000 Microman LED Powers Series


Series 4 - Winter 1999

Laser Microman
Takara introduced a scaled down follow up series with new figures and new light-up gimmicks. 


Series 5 - Summer 2000

Secret Breaster
Second LED series consisted of repaint figures and more reused mold from the Transformers.


Series 6 - Fall 2000

Shining Tector
The last of the new Microman series again consisted mostly of redeco figures and recycle molds from the Transformers line.


LED Powers Exclusive

Limited Editions

Takara continued with more exclusives and limited edition toys for the LED series but the list was much smaller than the previous year.

On December 26th 1998, Takara relaunch the long await new Microman series called Magne Power Microman. The new series while borrowed some elements from the original Microman, had been totally redesigned for the new millennium. The new toys debuted with much excitement from both kids and adults who grew up with the old series. Takara launched the line with new Microman manga, published monthly in Bom Bom Comic Magazine, along with, for the first time in the franchise history, a Microman animated series produced by Studio Pierrot.


The initial assortments consisted mainly of figures with only two vehicles (that were released a month later). The emphasis for the new series was on the magnet play features along with an attempt to revive Magnemo-8 toys. The new figures were much smaller than the original Microman and stood only about 8 cm. tall. The small size later turned out to be because these newly arrived Microman were actually the descendants of Micro Hoodman from the original Microman series.


The new Microman series had some great designs, looks and great playability, but lack the overall high quality product when compare to the old line, especially the figures. Takara were probably try to come out with cheaper figures to make the toys more attractive during poor economic time in Asia and also to reduce the cost associate with producing the new line. The new figures did sold very well in the initially but the success would later stalled as Takara fumbled the line with poor marketing plan, lackluster anime among kids not to mention the poorly written Bom Bom manga (comic).  The figures smaller size, lack of articulations and lack of capsules (one of Microman trademark) also turn off many older collectors who grew up with the original series.


"Microman is Super Human 8 cm tall. He came to Earth, chasing the Acroyer.  Now save the Earth from the Acroyer! Use a table as base." - from Magne Power cardback


WINTER 1998 (12/26/98)

Magne Microman
001 Magne Arthur
002 Magne Izam
003 Magne Walt
004 Magne Edison

005 Magne Odin


Change Trooper

006 Drill-Joe
007 Toma-Hawk

008 Hover-Jack
009 Spin-Lee
010 Bomber-Head


Micro Machine *(1/24/99)
011 Spy Heli with Magne Kirk
012 Beat Loader with Magne Keith


013 Robotman Ace
014 Robotman Baron

015 Robotman Cross


Demon Acroyer

016 Demon Red
017 Demon Blue
018 Demon Green


Acro-Change Trooper
019 Cob-rage
020 Hell-pinch

021 Chain-spider


022 Vampiser
023 Hellpion

024 Iguanite

025 Acro-Monsters Box Set


*Many of the Magne Power series toys were released in Korea between 2002-2003