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1999 Magne Powers Series
Robotman  - 013 Ace, 014 Baron & 015 Cross (12/26/1998) 


Unique Accessories

Each Robotman - Ace , Baron and Cross came with their own unique signature weapon.

Robotman Ace came with red launching Morning Star. Baron came with black launching Jumbo Fist. Cross came with blue launching Crossbow.

Common Accessories

Each Robotman also came with three additional weapon attachments which were common to all three figure - a saber, cannon and claw. 

Back view

Magne Robo Robotman has two magnet ports in their back.   

Along with the new Microman, Takara also released new Robotman, three to be exact - Robotman Ace, Robotman Baron, and Robotman Cross.  Instead of Henshin Cyborg 5mm connectors, the new Robotman design are based on the Magnemo-11 toys (Geeg or Baron Karza magnetic joint type)  The obvious difference is the size, the new Robotman is only 6" tall and do not have chest cockpit like the original Robotman.  

013 Robotman Ace

The new Robotman borrowed heavily from many mecha designs from Evangelion organic look to the blocky Ranger Zord design.  Each of the new Robotman shared the same basic body but with different heads and colors.  Each Robotman came with four weapon attachments - saber, claw hand, cannon and a special unique weapon. While the overall design of these figures did not break any new ground they however are very cool looking robots and probably some of the best toys that came out of the Magne Power Series.   Takara followed the Robotman with two more magnemo-11 type toys - new Magne Titans and Magne Animals.   During the second half of 1999, Takara would later released two larger Robotman - Dean and Endeavor and new Giant Acroyear.  It was unfortunate that these magnemo-11 toys did not catch on since they are extremely interchangeable and they are probably the most innovative play mechanics to ever came out from Takara design house.

(See Also - Robotman Dean, Robotman Endeavor and New Giant Acroyear)

014 Robotman Baron & 015 Robotman Cross

Robotman Story (translated from BomBom Magazine by Takeyuchi Shoyechi - via Ray Miller)

"The Hope of the future, built by the science power of MicroEarth. Super-Microsium cores brought from MicroEarth were merged with Earth materials to from three Magne Robo : the Robotman.  They synchronize with Microman via telepathy, and think by their own super AI"

Robotman Ace: made of silicon merged with SuperMicrosium.  Mainly operated with Microman Arthur.  Good at acceleration and action. 

Robotman Baron: made of heavy metals merged with SuperMicrosium.  Excellent durability and power.  Poor acceleration but have the highest top speed of all three Robotman.  Interact mainly with Odin or Edison.

Robotman Cross: made of liquid water merged with SuperMicrosium.  Have the largest energy storage among the three.  Good at sensing, scouting and sniper attack.  Interact mainly with Izam or Walt.