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1999 Magne Power Series
Magne Power Microman - 001 Arthur, 002 Izam, 003 Walt, 004 Edison & 005 Odin (12/26/98)


Magne Microman package. Each figure came package in a nicely design removable type blister card.  The card basic look while attractive would became indistinctive since all the toys came on the same looking card.

Back view

Back view of Magne Microman.  It's nice to see that Takara at least kept the familiar 5mm port.

The new figure only stood about 8cm tall which was suspiciously the same size as Hoodman from late 1970's.  It would later be reveal that they were actually the descendant from one of the Micro Earth Colony build by Micro Hoodman.  Since Hoodman must relied on their Hood armor for protection, so were these Magne Microman.  They appeared to be wearing some kind of "morphing" armors which could later be upgrade.  The 5mm was actually located on their armor just like the old Hoodman's 5mm port.  

(See also 1978 MicroHoodman Series)

Magne Microman were the first new Microman figure to be release by Takara in over 15 years.  While the new figures were sold briskly, many old collectors and fans were disappointed at the smaller size and lack of articulations.   The reason for smaller 8cm size was not clear until Takara later suggested that these new group of Microman did not came from original Micro Earth but rather one of the colony start by Micro Hoodman.   Takara also took a new approach to the story, the Magne Power story revolved around the five core characters (much like the Power Ranger series).  The new toy line was supported by new Microman anime and also manga serial in BomBom comic.

Magne Power Microman Arthur & his team

Magne Microman had magnetic feet and also magnet in their chest and left arm.  The left arm on these figures were mold in one piece with the Magne weapon and was the souring point with many fans.  The figures were mold in clear plastic with some paint highlight.  Another striking difference between the old and new line was that each character came with distinctive head designs.  Arthur simply sport headphone-like gear while others wore complete helmet that hide their face.   Izam wear stylize helmet, while Walt wear eagle helmet, Odin wear puma mask and Edison had grasshopper head.   Each figure also had distinctive color scheme that they would later kept their basic color as they evolved.

Magne Power design was obviously a homage to Microman Command 1 M15X Series.

001 Magne Arthur

002 Magne Izam

005 Microman Odin

004 Magne Edison

003 Magne Walt