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1978 Hoodman

1978 Microman Series

H70X - H701 Hans, H702 Regan, & H703 Heimlich (c.1978)

H71X - H711 Shultz, H712 Rudolf, & H713 Earhart (c.1978)

H72X - H721 Heilman, H722  Lihaout & H723 Cardel (c.1979)


MicroHoodman case. H72X came in green color case.


Unlike Microman, MicroHoodman did not undergo alpha H-7 automatic evolution and do not have cybernetic parts.  Hoodman (like the new Magne Power Microman) rely on armor suit for protection.  MicroHoodman build special "Hood" to protect them from hash environment and also provide them fire power.

Each series of Hoodman came with distinctively design Hoods.

Type 1 Hood - H70X Clear yellow with chrome back and a black wing.

Type 2 Hood - H71X Clear blue with chrome back and a blue wing.

Type 3 Hood - H721 Clear with clear yellow back and a green wing.

Takara released MicroHoodman in 1978 as an off-shoot line from Microman Series.  Early MicroHoodman series 1 & 2 (H70X & H71X) contained no reference to Microman line.  The catalog that came with the first two series only showed MicroHoodman toys and story of MicroHoodman arrival.  By the time the last Hoodman H72X was released, Takara had decided to fully incorporate MicroHoodman as part of  Microman Police Keeper series.

MicroHoodman Arrival from Space

Takara introduced MicroHoodman as space-faring explorer that set out from Micro-Earth long ago before the catastrophic explosion.  Hoodman traveled through space in their giant space ship named RCB Noah.  They soon discovered that they were running out of foods and resources so they shrunk themselves down to 8cm size from the normal human size (about 1/20 scale).  (Remember all Microman were, at one time, the same size as Earth human before the explosion and alpha H-7 radiation)  Hoodman were normal "(micro)-man" and did not undergo the automatic evolution like those that escaped from MicroEarth after the explosion.  Hoodman build Hood armor to allow them to function in hash environment of space and also act as protective gear.   MicroHoodman build several space colonies (called MicroEarth X) during their travel.  They later detected the alpha H-7 Radiation Wave travel through space (from MicroEarth explosion) Hoodman plotted the course of the radiation which led them to Earth.  MicroHoodman then joined force with Microman on Earth to fight against Acroyears and newly arrived Satan Ardens (whose world was also ravaged by alpha H-7 that headed for Earth). 

MicroHoodman was very different from standard Microman figure.  They were, of course, even smaller than Microman since they were only 8cm tall.  Hoodman do not have 5mm port in their back and have gloved hands. Their heads were also painted with flesh tone and they have head gear that resemble old colonial style hat. Each Hoodman came with clear protective Hood armor which contains the 5mm port along with small wing that can be plug into it.  When Takara released the last Hoodman Series in early 1979, they decided to give them the chrome head instead of the painted face.  Takara also fully incorporate the Hoodman series into Microman Police Keeper.  (They now shared the same catalog)  The last Hoodman H72X are very rare and very difficult to find today.  H72X were Hoodman that stationed in the asteroid belt and had upgraded their armors with the new fully integrated Microman-Hoodman technology.

It was not certain if Takara intended originally for Hoodman to be stand alone products but later were forced to incorporate them with Microman line to save cost.  MicroHoodman became prominent characters in Microman manga and was very popular with fans. Takara planned several play-sets and vehicles for MicroHoodman but most of which was never released due to the declining popularity of Microman by the late 1978. Among the un-produce toys was the RCB Noah, a big radio control spaceship.

MicroHoodman would made a brief return appearance in 1999 Magne Powers Microman anime series when Hoodman Hans appeared on conference TV with Magne Edison.  (The only Microman character from 1970's line to do so.)  It is now certain that the new Magne Power Microman characters are actually connected to MicroHoodman rather than the regular Microman.  Magne Microman appeared to come to Earth from one of the MicroHoodman Colonies and thus they are the direct descendent of the Hoodman.  In the anime, Microman Edison gave several reference to MicroHoodman Hans as his mentor.

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H701 Hans

Specialist in weapon design. 

H702 Regan

Researcher of energy.  Try to solve the alpha H-7 dilemma.

H703 Heimlich

Expert archeologist of planetary resources 

Each Hoodman had a German name probably to make them even more "foreign" and difference from regular Microman series.  All the first and second series MicroHoodman members appeared in 1970's Microman manga.  MicroHoodman Hans also appeared in 1999 Microman anime series.  He was a introduced as mentor to Microman Edison.

In 1979 Takara offered two chrome version of MicroHoodman as mail-away premiums.

 *Takara will release reproduction MicroHoodman in April of 2001.  The first two series H70X and H71X will be released together.  H72X will possibly follow later on. 

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H711 Shultz

Expert astronomer.

H712 Rudolf

Design the Hood armor equipment.

H713 Earhart

Head engineer.  He was responsible for the construction and design of Universal Ship RCB Noah

H721 Heilman

Expert medical doctor

MicroHoodman H72X upgraded their armors with the newly integrated Microman technology. 

Hoodman wore armor outfit under the Hood.  Note the painted head on the first two series and also hollow out eyes.