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Replica H70X (4/01)
H701 Hans
H702 Regan
H703 Heimlich

Replica H71X (4/01)
H711 Shultz
H712 Rudolf
H713 Earhart

Replica H72X (6/01)
H721 Heilman
H722 Lihaout
H723 Cardel


SAS03 Hoodman - H72X Type - WCC10 Exclusive (12/01)

Clear Mode H70X (8/02) - Toys R Us On-line Store Exclusive 

Takara reissued Micro Hoodman Series in March of 2001 as part of Replica Microman Series.  The first two type H70X and H71X came out in April and the more sought after H72X would be out in June.

Micro Hoodman was first sold in early 1978.  Micro Hoodman were Micro-race that set out for a long space voyage in their interstellar ship call RCB Noah.   Micro Hoodman left Micro Earth before the catastrophic explosion and ventured deep into space.  Micro Hoodman soon realized that they were running out of food and supplies so they came up with grand plan of shrinking themselves down to 8 cm tall using alpha H-7 radiation.   With sudden abundance in supplies, Micro Hoodman set out to became space faring race and lost contact with their home world.  They started to colonize space and build new home call Micro Earth Colony.   They continued to travel when they noticed the wave of alpha H-7 radiation traveling through space.  Micro Hoodman plotted the course of the radiation with led them to Earth where they met and became an ally with Microman.  Micro Hoodman would later integrated their Hood-technology with that of Microman which result in hybrid Hoodman-Microman technology.  H72X type Micro Hoodman was a result of this marriage in technology.

The re-issue of Micro Hoodman came as a bit of a surprise.  Takara probably re-issued Micro Hoodman series out of convenience because  it seems that Takara still have most of the original molds for Micro Hoodman figures.  Replica Series Micro Hoodman are almost identical to the original with only one small part, the anklet piece, appeared to come from a new mold.  Micro Hoodman was made in limited numbers much like Micro Knight re-issue last year.   H70X & H71X were both listed as sold out on Takara e-Hobby shop site.

Takara have shown Clear Mode version of H70X Micro Hoodman in recent issue of Hyper Hobby, but have yet to announce if they would actually be produce.  There are also rumors that Takara might re-issue the rare mail-away sausage premium chrome plated Micro Hoodman from 1979.

Display box from Replica Series MicroHoodman