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Microman LED Powers

2000 Series 4 - Laser Microman


LED Powers Microman

1999 Microman Magne Power Series


Series 1 - Winter 1998

Magne Power Microman
The debut series for the new Microman line. The initial wave consisted of basic figures and deluxe magnemo toys. 


Series 2 - Spring 1999

Magne Titan
Second series added more magnemo toys and introduced the Titans.


Series 3 - Summer 1999

Super Microman

The line greatly expanded to include Microman base, new Microman figures and two large size Robotman toys.


Magne Power Exclusive

Limited Editions
Magne series line-up also included several exclusives and limited edition figures and toys.


2000 Microman LED Powers Series


Series 4 - Winter 1999

Laser Microman
Takara introduced a scaled second series with new figures and new gimmicks. 


Series 5 - Summer 2000

Secret Breaster
Second LED series consisted of repaint figures and more reused mold from the Transformers.


Series 6 - Fall 2000

Shining Tector
The last of the new Microman series again consisted mostly of repaint and repaint toy from the Transformers series.


LED Powers Exclusive

Limited Editions

Takara continued with more exclusives and limited edition toys for the LED series.

Takara began new year and new millennium with a very small line up for new Microman series called the LED Powers. The Microman anime was not doing well and had been canceled which probably resulted in this much reduce line-up.  Takara moved to support Microman line with anime show prove to be too costly and by late Summer 1999 the sale of Microman toys had plummeted. By the end of fall 1999 Takara had greatly reduced the production of Super Microman series to avoid excess stock of toys.  Takara saw a rebounded in sale of Microman line after released of Super Microman and Magne Arden, they decided to continue Microman line but only in limited fashion.  Takara announced that the toy will still be support by the manga in Bom Bom comic.


WINTER 1999 (12/23/99)

Laser Microman
L-01 Laser Arthur
L-02 Laser Izam
L-03 Laser Walt

L-04 Laser Odin


Laser Acroyer

L-05 Acro-Jekyll
L-06 Acro-Hyde


Super Microman *(limited)
L-07 Super Satake 


Micro Boy (1/23/00)
L-08 Blue Gun with Laser Edison
L-09 Purple Sword with Laser Zett-Arthur


Master Microman (2/22/00)

L-10 Master Zett
L-11 Master Solomon


President Acroyer (4/21/00)
L-12 President Acro-Zenon
L-13 President Acro-Shadow


Micro Bikes (5/18/00)
L-14 Mach Speeder with Rider Arthur
L-15 Road Bison with Rider Walt



"Microman is Super Human 8 cm tall. He came to Earth, chasing the Acroyer.  Now save the Earth from the Acroyer! Use a table as base."

- from Magne Power Package

Microman LED Powers appeared to be much more similar to their cousin the Henshin Cyborg. The figure now have LED light in their chest (much like recent Neo Henshin Cyborg) which can be activate by power backpack. The package was a lot smaller (2/3 the size of Magne Power blister card), but the blister card fold out to reveal bio information about the figure.  The most interesting of note about the new line,  is the new catalog.  The new catalog is now much larger in size and have more story background inside very much like the original Microman catalog from 1970's. Perhaps Takara want to move from the costly anime tie-in to the old style catalog story  driven toy line.



Fifteen years after the Big Battle of 2015,a strange phenomenon has occurred in S. American.   Dr. Kohei (the boy Kohei has become a professor)  send Arthur and Walt to another dimension via the pyramid in S. America  in order to acquire information on new source of energy call LEDcium.   Izam was then send to S. America to acquire LEDcium elements to power the new LEDcium technology but was intercept by Vampiser.  Arthur and Walt went to help and thus begin a new battle for LED power.   Microman incorporate LEDcium power in their new armor and transform into Microman LED Powers.   In the meantime, the President Acroyer who has also acquired LED Powers was attack by mysterious entity call Beetle Trooper and was split in half by it's power sword.  Because of the LEDcium power, each half of President Acroyer was transform into LED Powers Acroyer call Acroyer-Hyde (red) and Acroyer-Jekyll (blue). Each LED Acroyers come with Acro-Spears and Acro-Blades (Hyde-Blade and Jekyll-Blade), and bug-like energy backpack.