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  LED Powers Series
L-14 MachSpeeder with RiderArthur & L-15 RoadBison with RiderWalt (5/23/00)



L-14 RiderArthur Energy Pack

L-15 RiderWalt Energy Pack (bottom view)

Takara did not include any catalog with MicroBikes.  However, the back of the package does show MicroBikes story and MicroBikes specification. (see below).

L-14 MachSpeeder Spec.

Manufacture: Factory [M]

Top Speed: 819 km/h

Tires: Wheel Cyclone

Sensor: Micro Eye

Engine: TD-28 LEDzium

Weapon: LED Rotor Sword

Gyro: Micro Leg

L-15 RoadBison Spec.

Manufacture: Factory [M]

Top Speed: 396km/h

Tires: Micro Wheel

Sensor: Micro Eye

Engine: AZ-25 LEDzium

Weapon: LED Muffler Cannon

Gyro: Micro Leg  

***Special Thanks to Rik and Shari Ruff for speedy delivery of these MicroBikes***




L-14 MachSpeeder and RiderArthur

LED Powers L-14 & L-15 MicroBikes are resculpt toys from Gen2 Transformers LaserCycles (c.1994).  L-14 MachSpeeder was Transformers RoadRocket and L-15 was Transformers toy call RoadPig.  Takara retools the handle bar to fit the LaserMicroman hands and also, sadly, remove the light-up mechanism of the old toys.  If you wonder if these toys are really old Transformers mold just look under RoadBison and you will see 1994 Copyright by Hasbro Inc.,All Right Reserve Takara and Made in Thailand.   This also bring us to another point, since these toys are also being produced in Thailand the quality seems to be not up to the standard of the previous LED Powers toys like MicroBoy.  The joints are extremely loose which I thought was a results from using the refurbish molds but the RiderMicroman joints are also very loose compare to other Laser Microman figures.  (Note: I recently obtain a Transformers version of RoadBison (RoadPig) and he has very loose joint and he was also produced in Thailand.  TF2 : RoadPig come in black and has light up head and weapon which was connect to a small wire that run into the battery compartment.  Aside from the re-engineer handle bar, Takara also redo some of the chest and back part to remove the small buttons that activate the light feature)

Aside from the loose joints, the toys to my surprise blend in very well with the Microman toys.  MachSpeeder is molded in red with gold metallic flake and nicely highlight with gold and silver paint.  RiderArthur is repaint version of LaserArthur to resemble the old MagneArthur color scheme.  Again, the paint quality does not seems to be as good as those from LaserMicroman series. 

MachSpeeder in "Transform" robot mode.

Since these toys were Transformers toys they naturally transform into some type of robot.  MachSpeeder and RoadBison when transform only stand about 12cm tall (about the size of the old Titan Command).  The transformation is pretty basic but yield a decent looking mecha, however, the toys obviously show its age when compare to the current Transformers from TF2000 : CarRobot series.   Another interesting irony is that these Gen2 toys were the pioneer in using ball socket joints type which are now standard on all new Microman figures.  Both MachSpeeder and RoadBison robot head have "clear" windows on the back of the head that let the light shine through the eyes another popular gimmick from the mid 1990's.

L-15 MicroBike RoadBison with RiderWalt.

RoadBison come with repaint version of LaserWalt call RiderWalt.  Unlike RiderArthur, RiderWalt is almost the same as LaserWalt in colors with only the blue trim now replaced with silver paint to match his bike.  (And the feet and cuffs are gold instead of silver).  Both RiderWalt & RiderArthur come with the same backpack as their Laser versions

RoadBison. Note how well the light lit up those "Micro Eyes".

In the robot mode, RoadBison is very impressive looking with the front part of the bike form his chest.  His clear "Muffler Cannon" can be used to reflect the light from LaserMicroman LED.  (The Transformers version these clear parts light up, thus their original name LaserCycles)  On MachSpeeder, the "Rotor Sword" can be remove and fit into RiderArthur hand.

Almost make you want to hum Kamen Rider theme song...