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Microman 2003 Series

Microman Material Force Series - Toys R Us Exclusive Test Market Edition (10/03)


Micro Force

Micro Force (5/03)

Commander Microman

Ninja Microman

Gunner Microman

Spy Microman


Limited Edition 

Commander Survive (8/3/03)

Wonder Festival Exclusive


Material Force (10/03)

Toys R Us  Exclusive

Microman Cloud (white)

Microman Rover (flesh)

Microman Core (Red)

Microman Obsidian (black)


Hobby.com Microman (10/03)

Takara Hobby.com Exclusive


Tatsunoko Fight Microman (5/03)
Gachaman Microman

Casshan Microman

Polymer Microman

Tekkaman Microman

Volter Microman



L-R: Material Force Cloud (white), Rover (flesh), Core (red) and Obsidian (black)



Toys R Us Exclusive Microman Material Force. The paper insert came with update logo in the background with the word "Since 1974" added.



Micro Force Story


Time has flown by since the birth of Microman in 1974. Now in 2003, he has returned to us in a new form. We entrust him to those who has a child's heart in order to explore the unforeseeable future.


Custom Microman

While the idea of Takara releasing toys for custom might seem a little strange, this however was not the first time this was done for Microman line. During the New Microman series, Takara released Remodeling Project line and later Real Microman line so older fans can make custom design Microman.

Samples of custom Microman Material Force were shown at Takara Hobby.com. This particular one was design to resemble the vintage Microman M113. (Picture courtesy of Takara Hobby.com)

Takara released Microman Material Force in October of 2003 as Toys R Us Exclusive. Material Force was a series of "blank" Microman 2003 figures that can be customized by fans.  The figures were essentially the same as the standard Micro Force figure but without the paint job and tampo decorations.  There were four different colors - white, flesh, red and black. Interestingly Takara even gave these blank figures named and story. Each figure came with complete set of matching colors hands and blank head.  Material Force figures were initial sold only at Toys R Us as a test market run and were quickly sold out. Takara had announced plan to release second run of Material Force in February of 2004. There was also plan for different colors to be release in the near future.

Material Force Instruction Sheet. The sheet came with design grid to plan your own custom Microman figure.  Below - Material Force (picture courtesy of Takara Hobby)