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Microman 2003 Series

Micro Size Action Figure Series - Tatsunoko Fight Microman (5/2003)


Tatsunoko Fight

Micro Force (5/03)

Commander Microman

Ninja Microman

Gunner Microman

Spy Microman


Limited Edition 

Commander Survive (8/3/03)

Wonder Festival Exclusive


Material Force (10/03)

Toys R Us  Exclusive

Microman Cloud (white)

Microman Rover (flesh)

Microman Core (Red)

Microman Obsidian (black)


.COM Microman (10/03) Takara Hobby.com Exclusive



Tatsunoko Fight Microman (5/03)
Gachaman Microman

Casshan Microman

Polymer Microman

Tekkaman Microman

Volter Microman





After two years of hiatus, Takara released a brand new Microman series called Microman 2003.  The new series, unlike the 1999 Magne Power, was geared more toward adults collectors instead of kids.  The series featured a new Microman body design that boost over 30 points of articulations in a compact 10cm size (slightly taller than original Microman which was about 9.5cm).  The new body, which interestingly look a lot like micro-size of Cyborg 99, came with interchangeable hands, ball-joints arms and legs and removable head (similar to Beta Midget design).  Takara released two debut series in May of 2003 - Micro Force series and Tatsunoko Microman series.


Tatsunoko Fight Microman came in the same tube style packaging as Microman Micro Force


Takara Tatsunoko Fight - 2000 for Sony Playstation 

If there can be a collective of Super Friends, why not a cabal of super villains? The forces of evil from the various anime series created by Tatsunoko Studios have merged their powers, so the heroes of those same universes must join forces to save us all. This saving takes the form of a lot of unarmed combat - you can probably figure out what to do from here. You must do battle with the great villains of those various shows - or even other heroes, in Vs. mode. Series whose characters are included are Gachaman (better known as Battle Of The Planets in the U.S.), Tekkaman, Casshan, and Polymer The Hurricane Fighter. A new character in the classic Tatsunoko Studios mold, Volter The Lightning, is introduced here for the first time. 


(Excerpt from Mr. Earl Green's Pixel Fiction, for more info, screenshots and review of the game visit his site thelogbook.com



Are they really Microman?

The only Microman-like feature on these Tatsunoko Fight was the pseudo 5mm port on their backs.  An optional chrome head would really help turn these nice but somewhat obscure Tatsunoko heroes into full-fledge Microman. 


Tatsunoko Microman series was actually based on 2000 Playstation game released by Takara called "Tatsunoko Fight".  The game was along the same concept as "Marvel VS Capcom" but using the classic characters from Tatsunoko studio; Gachaman, Casshan, Tekkaman, Polymer and newly created character called Volter. Tatsunoko Fight used the new Microman 2003 body as basis for the figure, however that was the extend of the connection to the Microman line. (That and the fact that Takara conveniently slapped Microman 2003 logo on the package.)   While this was not the first time Microman had figures based on characters from another series (Geeg, Gakeen, and recent Devilman) but with the lack of Microman trademark these figures might as well had been just another video game action-figures line.  The figures were all well done with high attention to details but they just did not look like a Microman. Takara could have easily included extra chrome plated heads so these figures can be displayed with chrome head and appeared more Microman-like.  While these figures used the same basic body as Micro Force, several of the body parts had been modified to fit each character. Each figure also came with extra interchangeable hands and some came with their signature weapons and cape. Casshan came with extra head with his mouth piece in open position.

Volter Microman, he was a newly created character for the Tatsunoko Fight game.

With the popularity of Microman 2003, Takara expanded the line for 2004 series and character based Tatsunoko Fight became Micro Action Series. Takara also released 2nd run of Tatsunoko Fight figures in 2004. They were also given designation numbers as MA-0X series.

Gachaman Microman, probably the most recognizable of the five.

Hurricane Polymer Microman and Casshan Microman.  Beside the twin pistols, Casshan came with an alternate head.

Tekkaman Microman.  Tekkaman had the most modifications of the five Tatsunoko figures.  He got new shoulder piece, new pelvic, new shins and new forearms.