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1977 MICROMAN COMMAND Mecha Series / Acroyear Series
Mecha Acroyear (c.1977)


Mecha Acroyear box.

Mecha Acroyear instruction sheet.

Back View

Here is the back view of Mecha Acroyear.  (Note the missile launchers are taken from Transfer Fortress /Micronauts - Battle Cruiser toy)

Here is the tank part combine with Acro-Cannon from Giant Acroyear toy.


And here is the tank combine with Acro-Jet also from Giant Acroyear.   In Japan, Acro-Cannon and Acro-Jet were sold separately so kids can purchase just the cannon part or just the tank part of Giant Acroyear.

Takara released Mecha Acroyear during the second half of 1977.  Mecha Acroyear is a motorized hybrid tank-mecha that was build by President Acroyear to combat Robot Machine Z. 

Mecha Acroyear

Mecha Acroyear notable feature is that it can be combine with the already versatile Giant Acroyear to form several different toys.  Mecha Acroyear color scheme also match that of Giant Acroyear for a seamless combination.   It was unfortunate that Mego never brought Mecha Acroyear over as part of Micronauts toy line.  Mecha Acroyear stands only about 6" tall and is about the same size as his companion piece - Giant Acroyear.   The toy is fully motorized with real carterpillars.

Mecha Acroyear was definitely build solely for destruction, he comes with two missile launchers, two laser guns on his chest (which is movable) and a sub-machine gun for his hand not to mention caterpillars for feet to run over any thing that get in his way.

Giant Mecha Acroyear.

Mecha Acroyear combines with legs from Giant Acroyear.  Note how well the colors of the two toys matched.  Mecha Acroyear and Giant Acroyear were designed from the beginning to be two companion pieces.

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