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1977 Command Acroyear Series / Mecha Series
Giant Acroyear (c.1977)


Mego Micronauts Giant Acroyear

Microman version of Giant Acroyear.  Top row are the individual packages of Giant Acroyear - Armroid, Acro-Cannon, Acro-Jet and bottom is the Giant Acroyear Box Set. 

(I currently do not have Japan Microman version of Giant Acroyear, the version shown here is the Mego version.  The Microman packages shown above came from Takara SF Guide Book)



Takara released the first large size Acroyear toy in 1977 call Giant Acroyear.  Giant Acroyear was one of the very first "combiner" toys for Microman line.   Giant Acroyear consists of Acro-Cannon, Acro-Jet and two small robots call Armroid.  Giant Acroyear stands about 8" tall when transforms into a robot mode.

Giant Acroyear

President Acroyear constructed Giant Acroyear in the secret base under pyramid of Egypt.  In the Microman Manga, the two arms were build from Acroyear 1 and 2's bodies.

Takara released Giant Acroyear toys individually as Acro-Jet, Acro-Cannon, Armroid Sh (blue) and Armroid Ta (red).  Takara also produced Giant Acroyear Box Set which basically included all the above toys in one box.  Acro-Jet and Acro-Cannon are vehicles for Acroyears figures. Armroid Sh and Ta robots are basically a die-cast body figures with 5mm parts that from arms and legs.  In the prototype design, Armroid heads were the missile launchers that form the hands of Giant Acroyear thus explain the 5mm peg under the launchers.  



Mego also sold Giant Acroyear as part of the Micronauts toy line.   The toys are nearly identical between Takara and Mego versions with Microman version had slightly better quality plastic parts that had less tendency to fall apart like Mego version.

Armroid Sh and Armroid Ta

During the second half of 1977, Takara released a toy call Mecha Acroyear which was basically a companion piece to Giant Acroyear.  Giant Acroyears can be combined with Mecha Acroyear to create Giant Mecha Acroyear.

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