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1977 Command


1977 Microman Series

Microman Command Series - Command Car 2 Tyrell Machine with Microman M161 (c.1977)


Command Car



Takara released Command Car Series - Command Car 4 Twin Racer in December of 1977. Microman "Cars" series were series of vehicles that designed to be used with Microman figures. These vehicles consist mostly of plastic parts that connect together using 5mm connectors. (Cosmo Cars Series 2 was the only series with die-cast metal parts). The "Cars" series were very popular due to the low price point and often time the vehicles also come packaged with Microman figure. Command Cars line-up consisted of four vehicles - #1 Racing Buggy, #2 Tyrell Machine, #3 Earth Jetter and #4 Twin Racer. All four of the Command Car vehicles were sold in two versions, one with Microman figure pack-in which include exclusive helmet and the other without Microman figure and helmet part. Aside from Command Car #3 Earth Jetter, the other three vehicles are all based on race car theme of the Command series.

command car 2 - tyrell machine

Tyrell Machine, is actually based off a real Formula 1 racer built by (now defunct)  Tyrell Racing Organization - the unique six wheels Tyrell P34. Tyrell Machine sports six wheels and the same body style as the P34. The toy comes in kit form and can be easily put together using 5mm connectors. The main body is blue with black underside and accent chromed parts for engine and pipes.  Microman figure can be easily fit inside the cockpit. For the pack-in version, Tyrell Machine comes with Microman Command 2 M161 Sanders (orange and black) along with bonus racer helmet. The main feature of Tyrell Machine is the trademark six wheels which can be extended either outward or upward. Using 5mm connector system, the toy can be reconfigure into various modes. Tyrell Machine is one of a more slick looking toy in Microman vast vehicle line-up, especially during the Command era where all these ancient Microman who were awaken from old ruins seem to all have gotten themselves exotic cars to ride around fighting the Acroyears.


Command Car Series Checklist*

command car 1 racing buggy (with m154)

command car 2 tyrell machine (with m162)

command car 3 earth jetter (with m151)

command car 4 twin racer (with m161)


*takara also sold command cars without the pack-in figure



Microman Command Series

Command Car #2 - Tyrell Machine

Released : 12/1977

Retail Price : 850 Yen




Command Car packaging design is similar to 1975 Machine Car series packaging design. The box art shows the actual toy with Microman figure in a bubble seal that visible thru the die-cut window. The back of the box show the stats of the vehicles along with pictures of other available Command Car vehicles. 

Instruction & Stickers


Command Car come with separate sheet of instruction along with sticker sheet for decorating the vehicle.

1977 Microman Catalog


Racer Included!

The pack-in version of Command Car 2 Tyrell Machine comes with Microman Command 2 M161 Sander

Exclusive Helmet

Sander comes with this special racing helmet that can only be found with pack-in version of Command Car (Vehicle only version did not include the helmet).

Anti-Gravity Wings


The figure also comes with Microman Command series trademark Anti-Gravity Leg Wings. The set, however did not include the capsule.