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1977 Microman Command Series

Microman Command 1 M15X Type - M151 East, 152 Eric, M153 Elder & M154 Evan (c.1977)


Each figure came package in their capsule and was sold directly out of the display box..  Each capsule was wrap with a rubber band and a small identification tag.

Here is sample tag from Command 2 M164 Sammy.

Takara also sold M154 Evan with Command Car 1 Racing Buggy and M152 with Command Car 3 Earth Jetter.  These two figures were sold without their capsules.


Each figure came with gold Command 1 Anti-Repulsion leg wings.

Takara released Microman Command Series in April of 1977 after the released of Titan Commands Series.  Microman Command would became the pinnacle of Microman figure design.  Each Command types were base on Earth historical objects, with the premise that they were ancient Microman that came to Earth in the distance past to instruct Earthling with Microman technology.   

Microman Commands possessed very beautifully design body and each came with trademark capsule that based on their geographical origin.  Microman Commands also came with small wings accessories for their legs call Anti-Gravity wings or Anti-Repulsion wings which would made them stood out from the rest of Microman series.  Microman Command 1 or M15X type were released first along with Command 2 M16X type and followed by Command 3 and Lady Command during the second half of 1977.   Each Microman Command type had distinctive design and look that set them apart from other series since they did not shared parts with other types.  Takara sold Command 1 as individual figure in a matching color capsule (warp in rubber band with small tag).  M154 and M152 were also sold as pack-in figure with Command Cars toys.  The pack-in figures did not come with the capsule but instead came with an exclusive Command helmet.  M154 was sold with Command Car Racing Buggy and M152 was sold with Command Car Earth Jetter.

Microman Command 1 design was based on South American historical ruins - the megalith on Easter Island in South Pacific and the giant drawing of bird like object at Nazca plain.  (The megalith inspired the capsule design and the giant drawing inspired Command 1 chest piece.)  Microman Command 1, like the rest of the Command series, were based on the idea of alien visitors from outer space that came to instruct Earth's early civilization.  Takara seized on this idea and implied that Microman Command were such aliens from the past.   (Many UFO believers theorized that the Easter Island megalith structures were constructed with an aid from alien beings and that the drawings on Nasca plain were landmarks for alien visitors to land their spaceship.) 

Command 1 came with bird like Anti-Repulsion leg wings and glow in the dark chest piece.  Command 1 series were re-issue by Romando in 1996 and also by Takara in 1999.  The vintage figures can be easily distinguish by their dark chrome heads. 

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Microman Command 1 - Experts in South Pacific geology and anthropology

M151 East - has excellent knowledge about the geography of the southern Pacific region and also expert in oceanic currents.   Also, possess ability to decode difficult ancient language and writing.

M152 Eric - has great scientific knowledge in making tools to aid in study ancient cultures, and also well acquainted with geology of ancient earth.

M153 Elder - possessed super strength and are very active physically around ancient ruins since he can move big stone objects with ease using his special power.  Elder is also an expert in natural science.

M154 Evan - expert in the resources of geology. Proposed a scientific method in the use of all geology resources by way of conservation.

Command 1 & 2 Story (as translate from catalog)

Microman starts investigating the mystery surrounding the Acroyears being seen at every regional ancient ruins around the world.     Microman decides to investigate the ancient ruins to determined the connection between the Acroyears, the ancient civilization and perhaps to also learn more about ancient Microman that could have visited earth thousands of years ago.     The Spy Magicians discovered abnormally within the ancient ruins of the Easter Island statues.    They fire MX Spectrum Ray at the stone statue.     The Easter Island statues explode and human-size Microman appear inside standing within a burning pale flame.  (alpha H-7 radiation)    The new human size Microman then bath in sunlight and shrink to the same size as other Microman.    At about the same time, in the tomb of ancient Egyptian pyramid,  another Microman emerge from the sarcophagus.   The two newly arrived Microman call themselves Microman Command.


Microman Command 1 & 2 mini-catalog.

M151 East (vintage)  

This figure was a gift from my friend Dave W. of Innerspace Online.

M152 Eric (vintage)

M153 Elder (vintage)

M154 Evan (vintage)

The vintage versions of Microman Command can be distinguish by the much darker chrome heads.


Some of the early Command 1 figures came with chrome chest plate.