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1977 Command


1977 Microman Series

Microman Command Cosmo Car Series - Cosmo Porsche (Blue Ver.)


Cosmo Car


Takara released Cosmo Porsche toy in 1977 as part of Microman Command series.  Microman Cosmo Porsche, along with the Cosmo Countach, were the third and the last of the Cosmo Car series of toys.  Like many of the toys in the Command line, Cosmo series was influenced by the "super-car" craze of the late 70's.  During the later part of 1970's "super-cars" concept was very popular with kids and pre-teen and Microman cashed in on this trend, which explained the reason for all the race cars inspired Microman vehicles for 1977 line-up.

Command Series Cosmo Cars were also influenced by another late 1970's phenomenon - the explosion of model kits as hobby.  By late 1970's model kits became a very popular hobby with kids which let Takara to market the Cosmo Porsche as a pseudo model kit.  Cosmo Porsches and Cosmo Countach were sold in boxes that resembled car modeling kit made by plastic model company such as Tamiya.  The toys required some assembly (which was typical of most Microman toys at the time) as a snap together model kits (using, of course. the 5mm system).

Microman Cosmo Porsche comes with "whale-tail" spoiler just like the real Porsche

There is no missile shooting gimmick for the Cosmo Porsche since the toy is supposed to be "realistic" model of Porsche.  However, Takara did include a transformation feature which allows Cosmo Porsche to transform into a drag racer.  Cosmo Porsche can seat one Microman figure (not included) and the car also has a "rev-up" motor feature.


Cosmo Porsche Variants

Beside the blue color, Cosmo Porsche also came in white and red colors. The blue seems to be the most commonly find as "dead-stock" item.

Reverse side of the instruction is a full color information sheet, including Cosmo Porsche story and cross-section.





Cosmo Porsche came package in white box that resembled model-kit packaging. The boxes are the same for all three variants showing the white version of Cosmo Porsche. A small round sticker  in the lower left corner is used to denote the color of the toy inside.

Instruction & Stickers



Cosmo Porsche come with full color stickers and instruction sheet with color info sheet on the reverse side.


Cosmo Porsche Dragster Mode