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1976 Super Steel Microman Series

Super Steel Microman Geeg (c.1976)

Super Steel Microman Gakeen (c.1977)


Spy Magicia


Each figure came with a spring load wing pack similar to the one that came with Super Microman M21X

More Go Nagai Microman 

Takara plan to release Micro-Devilman series in 2001 taken the concept from Microman Geeg and Gakeen.  The new series feature four members with new design.  However, unlike the Geeg and Gakeen, the figures will be make from clear plastic (as a homage to the Founder Series M10X).

Microman Geeg along with Microman Gakeen were two of the more unusual Microman concept to came out from Takara during the Original Microman Series.  Unlike most other Microman which had unique original design, Microman Geeg and Microman Gakeen, as their name implied, were based on the TV and manga characters - Kotetsu Geeg and Gakeen.

Both Microman Geeg and Microman Gakeen were released as part of Microman sub-series called Super Steel Microman.   Super Steel Microman were Microman figures that were made with die-cast body.   Takara released three other Super Steel Microman types - M20X, M21X (Space Glider) and M22X (Galactic Warrior).    Microman Geeg and Gakeen became the fourth and fifth type, however Takara did not give them the numerical designation.

Microman Geeg was released in 1976.  The figure were made of die-cast including the head.   The figure resembled that of Geeg but with Microman characteristic such as the 5mm ports in the back and feet and the white hands with cuffs.   Takara also gave Microman Geeg wing pack similar to the one that came with M21X Dash Wing Microman.  (This style wing pack was later known as the Flight Bird or Fire Bird).  Takara released three different variations of Microman Geeg - clear yellow wing, clear green wing and blue wing.  (Note they were the same three colors as Super Microman M22X Dash Wing Type)

Microman Gakeen was released in 1977 a year after Microman Geeg since Gakeen was basically the successor series to Geeg TV show.   Gakeen, however, was not as successful as Geeg in term of popularity.   Microman Gakeen was also made of die-cast.   Takara gave Microman Gakeen the same wing pack as the one that came with Microman Geeg.  The wing came in red color and was known as Flight Bird or Fire Bird.   Microman Gakeen was also sold with red Dash Wing.

Microman Geeg and Gakeen featured not only die-cast body but also die-cast head.

Microman Geeg & Gakeen Story

Microman Geeg and Microman Gakeen were Microman whose crystal capsules were bombarded with TV signal from earth (which contain the broad cast of TV show Geeg and later Gakeen).   The signal along triggered the automatic evolution and from the crystal capsules emerged Super Steel Microman who resembled popular TV character Geeg and Gakeen.



 Takara released two variations of both Microman Geeg and Microman Gakeen.  Here are the pictures of the back of the boxes which featured the alternate versions.   Microman Geeg were sold with either clear yellow, clear blue or clear green Flight Bird wings and Microman Gakeen came with either red Dash Wing or red Flight Bird.

Microman Geeg

Microman Geeg (yellow)

Microman Gakeen

Microman Gakeen (Flight Bird)