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Microman 2004 Series

Microman Acroyear X-2 Series - AL-21 AcroElsa (1/27/04)


Acroyear X-2



Micro Force (Reissue) (2/04)
MF1-01 Commander Microman

MF1-02 Ninja Microman

MF1-03 Gunner Microman 

MF1-04 Spy Microman


Master Force (3/25/04)
MF2-01 Skymaster Hayate

MF2-02 Groundmaster Alan

MF2-03 Divemaster Roberto 

MF2-04 Automaster Ryan


Acroyear-X (3/25/04)
AX-11 AcroScorl

AX-12 AcroCleve

AX-13 AcroVoltech

AX-14 AcroBiom


Micro Lady (5/28/04)
ML1-01 Commanderlady Diane

ML1-02 Ninjalady Shina


Acroyear Lady (5/28/04)
AL-11 AcroVena

AL-12 AcroDita


Biomachine & Machine Force Microman (9/30/04)

BM-01 Mirror & MM Xeku

BM-02 Stinger & MM Godoh

BM-03 Tiger & MM Hack

BM-04 Kong & MM Trinity 


Microman Military Force (12/3/04)

MF4-01 Space Rescue

MF4-02 Techno Wave

MF4-03 Lava Planet

MF4-04 Virtual Task

MF4-05 Night Recon

MF4-06 Stealth Camo

MF4-07 Forest Hide

MF4-08 Sand Storm


Acroyear X-2 (1/27/05)

AX-21 AcroPhantom

AX-22 AcroMedalg

AL-21 AcroElsa

AL-22 AcroPlana



Packaging & Instruction



Microman Acroyear X-2 came in the same style packaging as the Acroyear and Master Force series.



Acroyear X-2 came packaged with new Microman catalog - "Infomercial Vol.04". The latest catalog features the new Acroyear X-2.


Microman Acroyear X-2


 AL-21 AcroElsa - Elsa does not possess fighting skill but she use her pet panther for attack.  Her equipments included Panther-Goggles, Panther- Tails and her pet AcroPanther. She can communicate via telepathy with her Panther Psychic Equipments. 


AL-22 AcroPlana - her body was derived from insectivorous plant and her equipments included Plan-Tail, Evil-Mouth and Gorgon Snake-Vines. Plana has glow in the dark body and the most well endowed of all Micro Lady. 


Microman New Stand


Microman 2004 came with new style figure stand. The stand features Microman "Da Vinci's The Vetruvian Man" style logo emboss on clear plastic with two styles of foot pegs  - one for the newer Microman 2004 figures and one for the old Microman figures with the 5mm port.


Microman 2004 Acroyear X-2 Series was released on Jan. 27th, 2005. The series was delayed from the original December release date and one of the last Microman series for the 2004 line-up as the line moved on to the 2005 Magne Force series to be debuted in April. Acroyear X-2 as the name suggested was the followed up series to the Acroyear X. However instead of four Acroyear, the series was split into two Acroyear figures (AX-21 AcroPhantom and AX-22 AcroMedalg) and two Acro Lady figures (AL-21 AcroElsa and AL-22 AcroPlana). Acroyear X-2 followed the same sci-fi / fantasy theme of the Acroyear X and Acro Lady series with elements from many of the recent popular Japanese anime and manga.

AL-21 AcroElsa was one of the figures in the X-2 series that used some new tooling for the body (the other one was AcroPlana and AcroMedalg). AcroElsa had retool pelvic section along with new feet design (barefoot). Elsa had one of the more interesting color scheme with clear pink body and white camouflage pattern over her body. She also sported silver badge on the right side of her chest. With the exception of Plana, Takara seems to go for "less is more" design for the X-2 series. AcroElsa had very little accessories and armor pieces. She came with two arm-wings, four bracelets (in metallic pink) and wand (complete with heart shape motif). However, while she might lack in accessories, Elsa came with a cool animal cat pet sidekick. This was the first full size "pet" figure to appeared in the new 2004 series and a nice homage to the pet figures found in the vintage Microman series. The jungle cat (AcroPanther) was done in clear purple with compartment for the extra accessories and several 5mm and 2.5mm ports and connectors. The pet parts can be used as accessories for AcroElsa to change her appearance even the cat head can be remove and used on Elsa so she appeared to have mechanical cat head (the head seem to be a homage to Microman Odin from the Magne series). Aside from the cat head and purple cat mask, Elsa even came with interchangeable hair style so she can appeared with pig-tail hairstyle. Elsa is probably one of the most "girlie toy" to come out for the Microman series. The figure just ooze that girl toy feel from the bright pink body to the various accessories. Even my little daughter who usually doesn't really care much for my Microman toys, finds this figure interesting and want to actually play with it.