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Microman 2004 Series

Microman Master Force - MF2-02 Groundmaster Alan (3/25/04)


Master Force



Micro Force 2nd Run (2/04)
MF1-01 Commander Microman

MF1-02 Ninja Microman

MF1-03 Gunner Microman 

MF1-04 Spy Microman


Master Force (3/25/04)
MF2-01 Skymaster Hayate

MF2-02 Groundmaster Alan

MF2-03 Divemaster Roberto 

MF2-04 Automaster Ryan


Acroyear-X (3/25/04)
AX-11 AcroScorl

AX-12 AcroCleve

AX-13 AcroVoltech 

AX-14 AcroBiom


Micro Lady (5/28/04)
ML1-01 Commanderlady Diane

ML1-02 Ninjalady Shina


Acroyear Lady (5/28/04)
AL-11 AcroVena

AL-12 AcroDita



Packaging & Instruction

Microman 2004 came in beautifully done removable blister card style packaging. The backing card had very nice picture of the toy with all the accessories on display in the blister window. As a nice touch, the blister had the "O" design (in MICROMAN logo) molded on. While the cylinder tube 2003 series was nice and compact, the new blister was definitely more attractive looking.





Microman Alan


Microman Alan had super strong body, and had super visions in the darkness of underground.  He came equip with Micro-Mole armor that can transform into separate unit and be operate via remote. The unit had super strong drill with high speed and features caterpillar locomotion.  


Fighting Style - Wrestling

Blood Type - nAB

Favorite Things - food

Equipment - Micro-Mole 



Microman New Stand


Microman 2004 came with new style figure stand. The stand features Microman "Da Vinci" style logo emboss on clear plastic with two styles of pegs  - one for the newer Microman figures and one for the vintage figures with 5mm port.


Microman MF2-02 Groundmaster Alan was the second member of the Master Force. Alan was the underground expert of the team. (Master Force theme followed the four method of travel - air, underground, water and surface). Alan shared the same new Microman core body with the other figures in the series (The same body debuted with last year Micro Force and Tatsunoko Fight! Microman 2003 line). He had dark smoke color body with tan orange paint.  The color scheme work pretty well and the figure look very sticking. (The scheme was almost the same as the one used by Cy Girls figure) Alan of course was the tunneling expert (It would not be a complete Microman series without some type of drill unit).  He was the standard "strong guy" of the group. Alan had anime style chrome head.  He came with separate helmet with visor part instead of molded on details found on Ryan (Automaster) and Roberto (Divemaster). The helmet fit was a little loose however and tend to fall off easily.

Groundmaster armor was a drill tank unit called "Micro-Mole". The armor design was based on the "heavy equipment look". He was the only figures in Microman Master Force with "skates" unit on his feet. His armor had drill arm attachment and clear tractor form a shield. (He look a bit like Gundam) The caterpillar skates made him look a bit strange but the design actually reminiscence of the Mighty Suit from New Microman 1980's line. His armor can transformed into small portable mole unit. The drill can also be separated and attached to the shield handle to form drill weapon. The "skate" unit can be store on his backpack (somewhat like the Robotman design). The only parts on the armor that were a little loose was the two "handle" on each side of the armor, otherwise most of the parts fit well and the armor was pretty secure on him.

Equipment Alternate Mode


Microman Ground was probably the "typical" looking of the four Microman Master Force figures. He had very nice color scheme and the drill tank unit was a nice homage to Microman series which was sort of a tradition that dated back to the Micro Robot and Robotman. His color scheme was pleasant looking and the best looking of the four when in "naked mode" (without armor).  However, his yet another drill design and the strange looking skate feet might be a bit of a turn-off to some fan.