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Microman 2004 Series

Microman Acroyear Lady - AL-12 AcroDita (5/28/04)


Acroyear Lady



Micro Force 2nd Run (2/04)
MF1-01 Commander Microman

MF1-02 Ninja Microman

MF1-03 Gunner Microman 

MF1-04 Spy Microman


Master Force (3/25/04)
MF2-01 Skymaster Hayate

MF2-02 Groundmaster Alan

MF2-03 Divemaster Roberto 

MF2-04 Automaster Ryan


Acroyear-X (3/25/04)
AX-11 AcroScorl

AX-12 AcroCleve

AX-13 AcroVoltech

AX-14 AcroBiom


Micro Lady (5/28/04)
ML1-01 Commanderlady Diane

ML1-02 Ninjalady Shina


Acroyear Lady (5/28/04)
AL-11 AcroVena

AL-12 AcroDita


Packaging & Instruction


Microman 2004 came in beautifully done removable blister card style packaging. The backing card had very nice picture of the toy with all the accessories on display in the blister window. As a nice touch, the blister had the "O" design (in MICROMAN logo) molded on. While the cylinder tube 2003 series was nice and compact, the new blister was definitely more attractive looking. There was no instruction included with the Lady series.


Acroyear Lady - AcroDita




Microman New Stand


Microman 2004 came with new style figure stand. The stand features Microman "Da Vinci's The Vetruvian Man" style logo emboss on clear plastic with two styles of foot pegs  - one for the newer Microman 2004 figures and one for the old Microman figures with the 5mm port. The stand came especially handy for the Lady figures as they are less stable than their male counterpart due to the slimmer body.


Microman 2004 AL-12 AcroVena was the second member of the Acroyear Lady (Acro Lady) series. (Acroyear Lady was the evil counterpart to Micro Lady). The new "Lady" series used all new tooling and core body design based in part on Micro Force body and Takara Cool Girls body. The new body retained the same numbers of articulations but with a much more slim body (to appear more feminine). The core Micro Lady body itself had three different bust size and AcroDita had the standard size. Her "naked mode" had the look of cyborg assassin with just a hint of the old 1970's era design. Dita had clear amber body with maroon highlight that accented with diamond shape motif. The used of translucent plastic really complimented the new "Lady" Micro body. AcroDita, like AcroVena, had high heel feet which appeared to be characteristic of the Acro Lady (Bad girls wear high heel, I supposed). The feet were not interchangeable and the figure only came with one set of feet. AcroDita came with six extra pairs of hands versus the five that came with Microman and Acroyear-X. (The new pair of hands had two fingers pointing, I assumed these were for the ninja pose)  

AcroDita was definitely a walking cyborg warrior/assassin and she came with chrome armor that fit over her chest that pretty much just a chest decoration with backpack that hold all her weapons arsenal. Dita came with shin guard armor that fit on snugly to her calf. The fitting on the "Ladies" series was much better than last year Micro Force and this year Master Force and Acro-X line. The main emphasis on AcroDita was here close combat weaponry and she definitely come packing for close combat fight. Her weapons included Acro-Sai that linked to a chain which hooked to her bracelets, two large blades and a two sections spike hammer. The armor was design to hold all the weapons when not in used. 

Equipment Alternate Mode

Unlike AcroVena whose armor design was more elaborate to give the impression of sorceress-like character, AcroDita on the other hands was much more simple with definite look of a warrior assassin. AcroDita design focus was on her weapon and these can be interchange and pose with figure in different form. The twin blades can either be held in her hands or snap on to her (very versatile) battle bracelets. The two-section staff can be used like a nunchaku or un-hook from the ring and hold as two spike hammers.  The Acro-Sai can be held in her hand or connected to her bracelet like ninja-claw. The weapons interestingly can also be combined to form a trident and a halberd (or two halberd). Though not as elegant looking as AcroVena, AcroDita simplistic design was very attractive especially with her nice color combinations of amber and maroon and multitudes of weapons display option.