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Microman 2004 Series

Microman Acroyear Lady - AL-11 AcroVena (5/28/04)


Acroyear Lady



Micro Force 2nd Run (2/04)
MF1-01 Commander Microman

MF1-02 Ninja Microman

MF1-03 Gunner Microman 

MF1-04 Spy Microman


Master Force (3/25/04)
MF2-01 Skymaster Hayate

MF2-02 Groundmaster Alan

MF2-03 Divemaster Roberto 

MF2-04 Automaster Ryan


Acroyear-X (3/25/04)
AX-11 AcroScorl

AX-12 AcroCleve

AX-13 AcroVoltech

AX-14 AcroBiom


Micro Lady (5/28/04)
ML1-01 Commanderlady Diane

ML1-02 Ninjalady Shina


Acroyear Lady (5/28/04)
AL-11 AcroVena

AL-12 AcroDita


Packaging & Instruction


Microman 2004 came in beautifully done removable blister card style packaging. The backing card had very nice picture of the toy with all the accessories on display in the blister window. As a nice touch, the blister had the "O" design (in MICROMAN logo) molded on. While the cylinder tube 2003 series was nice and compact, the new blister was definitely more attractive looking. There was no instruction included with the Lady series.


Acroyear Lady - AcroVena





Microman New Stand


Microman 2004 came with new style figure stand. The stand features Microman "Da Vinci's The Vetruvian Man" style logo emboss on clear plastic with two styles of foot pegs  - one for the newer Microman 2004 figures and one for the old Microman figures with the 5mm port. The stand came especially handy for the Lady figures as they are less stable than their male counterpart due to the slimmer body.


Microman 2004 AL-11 AcroVena was the first member of the Acroyear Lady (Acro Lady) series. (Acroyear Lady was the evil counterpart to Micro Lady). The new "Lady" series used all new tooling and core body design based in part on Micro Force body and Takara / bbi Cy-Girls / Cool Girls body. The new body retained the same number of articulations but in a much more slim body (to appear more feminine). The core Micro Lady body itself had three different bust size and AcroVena, of course, was the most well endowed of the four Lady figures. Her "naked mode" had the design that was definitely based on US comic Lady Death with white body and black outline. AcroVena, had high heel feet which appeared to be characteristic of the Acro Lady (Bad girls wear high heel, perhaps). The feet were not interchangeable and the figure only came with one set of feet. AcroVena came with six extra pairs of hands versus the five that came with Microman and Acroyear-X. (The new pair of hands had two fingers pointing.) 

AcroVena came with chrome armor that fit over her chest with two organic looking scissors arm extending upward from her back. The armor design was a lot less fragile than that of the AcroScorl and the joints held on pretty well. (However, I was a lot more careful with this than I was with Scorl since I realized how fragile the new Microman 2004 can be). While the armor arms had multiple articulations and can be position in various way and made for impressive looking figure. The armor fit was better than Micro Force and the leg snap on part stayed on well with AcroVena. The only minor problem was the way the head was design with pointy chin that get in the way of the armor collar which really limited the head movements. The head itself was very well design, AcroVena had headdress that look a bit like Lady Valkyrie head gear. Vena also came with smoke clear visor (though the plastic used was a bit too opaque and didn't quite deliver the effect that the designer intended). The visor was removable so one can display Vena with her pretty face or made her evil and mysterious behind the smoke visor.

Equipment Alternate Mode

AcroVena came with single weapon accessory - an Acro-Scythe. The weapon fit nicely into her grip hands and done in nice chrome. The weapon had second alternate mode and can be broken apart with the stave section formed arm spear (snap on to the forearm) and the blade part can be attached to AcroVena hand socket. (Like Henshin Cyborg arm attachment). I am not sure what theme the Acro Lady figure followed but AcroVena was the best of the four Lady figures released in this wave. (The Micro Lady followed the same theme as last year Microman 2003 Micro Force).