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Microman 2004 Series

Microman Biomachine Series -BM-02 Machine Tiger with Machine Force MF03-03 Machine Microman Hack  (9/30/04)


Machine Force



Micro Force (Reissue) (2/04)
MF1-01 Commander Microman

MF1-02 Ninja Microman

MF1-03 Gunner Microman 

MF1-04 Spy Microman


Master Force (3/25/04)
MF2-01 Skymaster Hayate

MF2-02 Groundmaster Alan

MF2-03 Divemaster Roberto 

MF2-04 Automaster Ryan


Acroyear-X (3/25/04)
AX-11 AcroScorl

AX-12 AcroCleve

AX-13 AcroVoltech

AX-14 AcroBiom


Micro Lady (5/28/04)
ML1-01 Commanderlady Diane

ML1-02 Ninjalady Shina


Acroyear Lady (5/28/04)
AL-11 AcroVena

AL-12 AcroDita


Biomachine & Machine Force Microman (9/30/04)

BM-01 Mirror & MM Xeku

BM-02 Stinger & MM Godoh

BM-03 Tiger & MM Hack

BM-04 Kong & MM Trinity 



Packaging & Instruction


Microman Biomachine series came in the same Microman 2004 beautifully done removable blister card style packaging. The backing card had very nice picture of the toy with all the accessories on display in the blister window. As a nice touch, the bubble blister had a nice heavy machinery design with the figure packaged in separate compartment. The packaging was bigger than the previous Microman 2004 to accommodate the vehicle.



Microman Hack Story

Hack has the most power and the most state-of-the-art driving machine in the Biomachine team. On this futuristic buggy with super micro wheels, Hack can handle all kinds of terrain and travel at high speed under any conditions.



Biomachine came package with new Microman catalog - "Infomercial Vol.02". The package also contains "Proof of Purchase" and by mailing in all four proof of purchase from the Biomachine toys one can get exclusive Lady Material Force from Takara. (Offer good in Japan only)


Microman New Stand


Microman 2004 came with new style figure stand. The stand features Microman "Da Vinci's The Vetruvian Man" style logo emboss on clear plastic with two styles of foot pegs  - one for the newer Microman 2004 figures and one for the old Microman figures with the 5mm port.


Microman 2004 Biomachine series was released on September 30th 2004. Unlike the previous series, the Biomachine consisted not only of Microman and armors but also a vehicle (Biomachine). This marked the first time full size vehicle was produced for the 2004 line. The vehicles (called Biomachine) were also part of a combiner and when combined with other Biomachines, they made Microman Bio-Suit. (The name was a homage to the Real Microman series toy from 1980's). While the series main attraction was these Biomachine vehicles, the figure that came with them, however, was not just afterthought redeco of the old 2004 figures. Instead, Takara had fully redesigned the core body for the new Machine Force Machine Microman figures. The Machine Microman figures, while retained the same basic design of Full-Action Body, had been entirely design from top to bottom. The Machine Microman had more "machine"-like look than the previous series, actually the new design was more akin to the Magne Powers and LED Powers figures. Beside the more mechanical look, the figure also added many ports and pegs similar to Beta Midget figures. One of the more notable feature of the Machine Microman figures was the inclusion of "true" 5mm port in the back of the figure (though still in the higher position than the vintage figure). 

Machine Force Microman, like previous 2004 series, followed a certain theme and design. Takara interestingly based the designs of these Machine Microman on Chinese epic story called "Tripitaka" or also better known as "Monkey Magic". Actually the words "Machine Force" (in Japanese) was a play on the words "Monkey Magic". Machine Force consisted of four members - Xeku (the monkey), Microman Godoh (the fish), Microman Hack (the pig) and Microman Trinity (the priest). The Machine Force were not always look like this. They, according to the story, were like other Microman in appearance. But the Machine Force members were badly injured in one of the battle and they were rebuild with machinery parts and thus they became the "Machine Microman". They are now part Microman and part machines, which made them the first true cyborg for Microman 2004 series.


BM03 Machine Tiger & Machine Microman Hack was the third member of the Micro Force Biomachine. Hack was suppose to be the "pig" character in Monkey Magic story but the design seem to reflect very little of that. What I find strange was the lack of the lack of his infamous rake weaponry. Hack, like other Machine Microman members, had clear purple-blue body with tan / gold body armor and light gold metallic chest plate, lower legs, and shoulder pads. I was a little surprise for his color choice since Xeku had bright metallic red, Godoh was metallic blue but Hack had what appeared to be lighter version of Trinity. His packaging was done in green, so may be the color was suppose to be greenish gold chrome but the final product was just more gold than green. The new body had several ports that allowed the clear "Bio-Tech" part from the Biomachine vehicle to be attached to the figure and transformed Machine Microman into "Bio-Tech" mode. Machine Tiger, like Machine Stinger was a homage to the old design. The name "Tiger" of course was a reference to another Spy Magician Spy Cars Drag Tiger and the vehicle trike theme was clearly borrowed from Drag Tiger and Auto Buggy. The vehicle even had clear blue parts that designed to look like crossbow from Drag Tiger and seat from Auto Buggy.

Microman Biomachine was definitely an excellent addition to 2004 series. The added vehicle that can combine to form mechanical suit made the already excellent series even more attractive. The parts fitting of Tiger was excellent with all the parts fit nice and snug on both the vehicle and the figure. Granted on Machine Tiger the design was a lot more simple than the Mirror and Kong. While the simplistic design of Machine Tiger might seem to make the figure and toy not as exciting as the others, but for Microman 2004 line sometimes less is more and Tiger is another example of that. The overall design might be simplistic but the toy really got it where it count from nice homage to Microman various trike designs but yet loaded with superb mechanical detailing such as the simulated hydraulic parts and engines. My only complain for Hack would be the color scheme that was just too similar to Trinity.



One of the nice feature of Bio-Suit was the fact that all the parts were used for the construction and no parts were left behind. Below rear view of Bio-Suit.


Biomachine, beside being "machines" for Microman Machine Force to ride around, they also can be combine together to form an armor suit called "Bio-Suit". The combination process was pretty simple with no parts left over after the Bio-Suit was formed which was very nice. The design of the suit itself was more like mechanical power-suit from the Matrix movie than from the old Dougram style. The parts, surprisingly fit well together. The only problem was again the clear parts. Microman Bio-Suit also had several points of articulations and the pilot legs even move along with the robot legs! The change from plain clear parts to clear blue really help added to the overall look and appearance. Originally, I did not care much for the all chrome design, but the actual toy really proved me wrong as the Bio-Suit was not only a very beautiful looking "mecha" but one with excellent details and even superb articulations to boost.