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Cyborg Double-Nine

Takara Double-Nine as Denjin Zarborger (8/99)


Henshin Cyborg 

1988 Neo Cyborg Series


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1999 Cyborg99 Series


Cyborg Double Nine

Double-Nine Series

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King Walder 2 Series

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Exclusive Double-Nine

99 VS KW2 set (1/00)

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Double Nine Accessories


Double Nine Costume Set

Spectreman (6.99)

Dr. Gori  (7.99)

Zarborger (8.99)

Lion-Maru (9.99)

Thunder Mask (10.99)

Tiger Seven (11.99)


Misc. Accessories

Cyborg Lab Stealth Cars

Double-Nine Head Set


Cyborg Double-Nine as Denjin Zaborger

Zarborger had realistic looking vinyl head. In the TV show, Zarborger head can launch scout helicopter and his ears can be detached and throw at his enemy like boomerang. 


Zarborger came with vinyl hands. There were two set of hands included in the set open fist and closed fist.


The DX version came with Gunmetal Cyborg Double-Nine body inside the suit.


Each DX version came with a completed version of Cyborg 99 body including the human head, and extra set of hands.

  In 1999, Takara started new series called Cyborg Double Nine. Cyborg Double Nine featured new body design (inspired by the modern 12" body designs by Dragon and Medicom) with more articulations and even magnetic arms joints. This time around Takara only released few variants and concentrated mainly on costume set. The costumes were sold in DX and ST version. The DX version came with Cyborg Double Nine body (or in Dr. Gori case King Walder 2 body) and ST version came with just the costume.  Takara released Cyborg Double-Nine Denjin Zaborger (or Zaboga) in August of 1999.  Denjin Zarborger was another live action TV show from mid 1970's by P. Production Studio.  The named actually translated into "Electric Robot-man".  Zarborger was super fighting robot that obeyed the commands of the main protagonist from the TV series using a mike (mounted in his motorcycle helmet) and help him fight the evil organization (common theme of most 1970's Japanese sci-fi TV show). In the show Zarborger also transformed into motorcycle for the main character to get around when he was not fighting evil monster. While I did watch the show as a kid, my recollection of the show is pretty hazy. I remembered the show was quite popular and Zarborger even got upgraded later toward the end of the series into Strong Zarborger with slightly altered appearance.

Cyborg Double Nine DX version


Like other Double-Nine costume series, there were two versions released by Takara - DX and ST. As far as I can tell both versions were identical with the DX version came packaged with Gunmetal Cyborg Double body and ST version sold as just costume set. Cyborg Zarborger followed the same concept as other costumes in this series combining the retro style with the modern realistic looks. Instead of single outfit with printed details like the 1974 version of Henshin Cyborg Zaborger, Double Nine version came with vinyl chest and pelvic pieces and vinyl arms and legs band to give the figure more accurate looking and true to the original TV show character. While I really like this approach of retro-styling (as oppose to the completely realistic style of Medicom RAH series), I can't help but feel that this pseudo-realistic approach probably didn't help the series popularity with 1/8 collectors. Zarborger had realistic vinyl head with decent amount of detailing. The head inserted into the vinyl chest armor piece and stayed on pretty well.  The chest and pelvic also made from vinyl and slip on to the body over the shiny silver suit.