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Micro Heritage

Takara Neo Henshin Cyborg Series (1998-99)


Henshin Cyborg 

1988 Neo Cyborg Series


Neo Cyborg Series
Neo Cyborg Series 1

Yellow Neo Cyborg

Silver Neo Cyborg

Gold Neo Cyborg


Neo Cyborg Series 2

Smoke Neo Cyborg

Blue Neo Cyborg

Red Neo Cyborg

Neo Cyborg Exclusive

Gun Metal Neo Cyborg

Copper Neo Cyborg

Stealth Neo Cyborg


PPFM Cyborg Exclusive


P-03 (1999)

P-04 (2000)


Walder Vinyl Doll Series

Invader Series

Invader O

Invader Z

Invader J


King Walder Monster Series

Satan King

Skull King



Exclusive Mail-away

Clear Invader Z

Blue Satan King

White Invader J

Crystal Skull King


Neo Cyborg Accessories

Costumes Series

Cy-Protector Silver

Cy-Protector Gold

Cy-Protector Black (1999)

Dr. Kenichi Katagai

Lion King Cyborg


Weapon  Series

Weapon Arms Set #1,2 & 3

Replacement Head Sets

Neo-Stealth Vehicles Set


1999 Cyborg99 Series


Cyborg Double Nine

Double-Nine Series

Gunmetal Double-Nine

Blue Double-Nine


King Walder 2 Series

Purple General KW2

Red Magma KW2


Exclusive Double-Nine

99 VS KW2 set (1/00)

Satake Cyborg99 (5/00)


Diamond Exclusive (Cancel)

Silver 99

Gold 99

Blue Evil KW2

Smoke Shadow KW2


Double Nine Accessories


Double Nine Costume Set

Spectreman (6.99)

Dr. Gori  (7.99)

Zarborger (8.99)

Lion-Maru (9.99)

Thunder Mask (10.99)

Tiger Seven (11.99)


Misc. Accessories

Cyborg Lab Stealth Cars

Double-Nine Head Set


Takara relaunch Henshin Cyborg line in 1998 as Neo Cyborg series.  The first Neo Cyborg toy actually was sold as part of Goa Gai Gar series called Lion King Guy DX Transforming Cyborg.  The same figure but with chrome cyborg inner head and clear vinyl human head was sold as the first Neo Henshin Cyborg figure - the Yellow Neo Cyborg.  Takara followed the Yellow Cyborg with traditional colors - Silver and Gold Cyborg and vinyl doll series.  Takara also released several accessories including two costume set - Dr. Katagai and several versions of Cy-Protector suits.  Beside the costumes several accessories were sold  including weapon sets and replacement heads.  However, Takara overdid the variants with each Neo Cyborg released not only in different color variants but also each color with alternate A & B set that included different arm attachment parts. By the time second series of Neo Cyborg arrived, most collectors were tired with the multitude of variations not to mention several severely limited exclusives.

CYBORG STORY (courtesy of Randall E. Barker of Robotcity, as translated by Matt Alt)


Neo Henshin Cyborg 1 was previously known as Ken-Ichi Katagai, a brave Japanese man. In the year 1999, he was attacked in Africa by the flying saucers of King Walder, the ruler of space; he suffered mortal injuries along with his wife and his brother Kengo. His father was a scientist who carried out cyborg research at his Neo Nautilus base deep in the sea of Japan. Now Dr. Katagai bestowed the gift of a cyborg operation on his dying sons. With the revived Ken-Ichi now known as "Cyborg 1" and Kengo as "Cyborg 2," the brothers combined their powers to fight their alien enemy Walder. The cyborgs were also joined by others who helped protect the peace in space, including Microman and Android A. Although their planets of birth were different, all came together behind Cyborg 1 to implement the "Victory Project," a plan to achieve peace by repelling the numerous invaders. When the battles finally subsided, peace reigned for a time. However, Walder was not dead. One day, Cyborg 1 was patrolling the Red Galaxy Planet. Suddenly he found himself under attach by surviving remnants of Walder's forces. Cyborg 1's nuclear engine -- what would be termed a "heart" in a human being -- was destroyed, and he was buried deep beneath the planet's surface in an apparent state of death.



Twenty years have passed. It is the year 2025, and Earth again finds itself under attack by invading forces. Suddenly, a single signal is received by Dr. Katagai. "That's the sound of Cyborg 1's signal!" Using his brain-circuitry, Android A is quickly able to discern that the ultra short-wave signal is emanating from the Red Galaxy Planet.  Android A and Microman Tom went to Red Galaxy Planet and rescued Cyborg One.  Cyborg One was rebuild into Neo Cyborg. Go forth Neo Cyborg!


Check out Rik Ruff's My Kool Toyz - Cyborg section for more info on Neo Cyborg and Cyborg Double Nine along with a complete checklist. 

  In 1999, Takara started new series called Cyborg Double Nine. Cyborg Double Nine featured new body design (inspired by the modern 12" body designs by Dragon and Medicom) with more articulations and even magnetic arms joints. This time around Takara only released few variants and concentrated mainly on costume set. The costumes were sold in DX and ST version. The DX version came with Cyborg Double Nine body (or in Dr. Gori case King Walder 2) and ST came with just the costume. Unfortunately, the series only garnered limited popularity due to lukewarm reception to the retro style costumes and the mostly obscure characters they were based on.  By 2000, only four variants of the Double Nine and three variants of King Walder 2 were released and all the Diamond Exclusives were canceled along with the rest of the series.