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Cyborg Double-Nine

Takara Double-Nine as Spectreman (6/99)


Henshin Cyborg 

1988 Neo Cyborg Series


Neo Cyborg Series
Neo Cyborg Series 1

Yellow Neo Cyborg

Silver Neo Cyborg

Gold Neo Cyborg


Neo Cyborg Series 2

Smoke Neo Cyborg

Blue Neo Cyborg

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Neo Cyborg Exclusive

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Stealth Neo Cyborg


PPFM Cyborg Exclusive


P-03 (1999)

P-04 (2000)


Walder Vinyl Doll Series

Invader Series

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King Walder Monster Series

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1999 Cyborg99 Series


Cyborg Double Nine

Double-Nine Series

Gunmetal Double-Nine

Blue Double-Nine


King Walder 2 Series

Purple General KW2

Red Magma KW2


Exclusive Double-Nine

99 VS KW2 set (1/00)

Satake Cyborg99 (5/00)


Diamond Exclusive (Cancel)

Silver 99

Gold 99

Blue Evil KW2

Smoke Shadow KW2


Double Nine Accessories


Double Nine Costume Set

Spectreman (6.99)

Dr. Gori  (7.99)

Zarborger (8.99)

Lion-Maru (9.99)

Thunder Mask (10.99)

Tiger Seven (11.99)


Misc. Accessories

Cyborg Lab Stealth Cars

Double-Nine Head Set


Cyborg Double-Nine as Spectreman (DX version)

Spectreman had realistic looking vinyl head. The DX version came with clear brown color eyes version of Spectreman.


Spectreman ST version came with blue-gray eyes to represent the later version of Spectreman costume.


Spectreman came with vinyl hands. There were two set of hands included in the set open fist and closed fist.


The DX version came with Gunmetal Cyborg Double-Nine body inside the suit.


Each DX version came with a completed gunmetal version of Cyborg 99 body, including the human head, and extra set of hands.

  In 1999, Takara started new series called Cyborg Double Nine. Cyborg Double Nine featured new body design (inspired by the modern 12" body design by Dragon and Medicom) with more articulations and even magnetic arms joints. This time around Takara only released few variants and concentrated mainly on costume set. The costumes were sold in DX and ST version. The DX version came with Cyborg Double Nine body (or in Dr. Gori case - a King Walder 2 body) and ST version came with just the costume. Takara debuted the new Henshin Cyborg costume series in June of 1999 with Spectreman.  Spectreman (or Spectraman) was one of the early live action sci-fi TV shows from 1971.  The TV showed named actually was called "Space Apeman Gori" after its main antagonist Dr. Gori, it was later renamed to "Apeman Gori VS Spectreman" and then just "Spectreman". Spectreman was a creation of P. Productions studio and used very similar concept to the popular Ultraman series. Spectreman was a cyborg send by Nebula 71 to protect earth from mad scientist-genius Apeman Dr. Gori. Spectreman was probably the earliest Japanese sci-fi TV show I recalled watching early every morning before school. The show was quite popular and many would later credited Spectreman for ushering the second boom of sci-fi live action TV show of 1970's. 

Cyborg Double Nine ST version


There were two versions of Spectreman costume set released by Takara - DX and ST.  The DX version came packaged with Gunmetal Cyborg Double body and ST version sold as just costume set.  There was one minor difference between the ST and DX costume, the DX came with clear-brown eyes version of Spectreman while the ST came with blue-gray eyes. (The eyes colors were changed during the TV show run of Spectreman) Double Nine Spectreman costume took the new approach of mixing the retro style with the modern realistic looks of the current 1/8 scale figures. The main costume was bright gold color suit with vinyl head, chest and pelvic pieces. The vinyl pieces had very nice details but with simple snap on design instead of the multi-pieces like the Marmit version. This semi-retro style gave Takara Cyborg version of hero costumes quite a unique look and I rather enjoy Takara's bold take. However I am sure many collectors of 1/8 scale who like Medicom ultra-realistic look probably were turn off by this semi-retro approach and the old-school retro group probably find the new semi-realistic looking vinyl parts too modern for their tastes. Takara would followed the released of Spectreman with his main antagonist Dr. Gori costume and later Lion-Maru costume from the another P. Production Studio TV show Kaiketsu Lion Maru (which interestingly was a replacement show for Spectreman which ended its run in 1972.)

For more info about Spectreman please check out these excellent Spectreman websites - Damien M.'s Spectreman The Nebula Sanctuary and Eric's Spectreman - The Absolute Fan Page.