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Takara Cyborg Double Nine Series

Choro Q Cyborg Lab Special Make - Stealth Vehicle Collection (c.1999)

So what is Choro Q?

Choro Q were small deform plastic race cars about the size of Hot Wheel cars but with real rubber tires and pull-back motor.   History of Choro Q can be traced back to the late1970's race car boom.   During the later part of 1970's race cars became very popular boy toys theme,  during this time slot car, motorized car, R/C car became big hit with kids.  Microman toys line, of course, capitalized on this craze by adding such toys as the Cosmo Porsche, Titan Dash Rails, Titan Gimca to the line-up between 1977-1979.  (If your were wondering why Microman in 1977 were running around fighting the Acroyears in a Porsche or a Lambougini, this was the reason).  A line of deform cars called Mini cars were introduced by Takara.  The term "mini" probably came from the Mini car (the squash sub-compact car popular in Japan and Europe).  In 1980, Takara added a pull-back motor  (spring-actuated motor) similar to the Aurora AFX line from 1960's era and call these cars Choro Q.  Takara also export these Choro Q to the US under Penny Racer banner (since they had a slot in the rear bumper that can hold a coin and make Choro Q or Penny Racer cars do a wheelie.)  Choro Q was also imported to the US during mid 1980's by Tonka as Turbo Trickster.    (As a side note Microman Micro Change MC04 MiniCAR series were disguised as these little toy cars and not real car like they were depicted on The Transformers series.  (Bumblebee etc)  If you have one of this Micro Change MiniCAR you will notice the flat part in the rear that flip up to form the robot head, that flat part is what hold the coin on the real Choro Q.   When the Choro Q was introduced back in 1980 their retails prices was 350 Yen and that is still the price of the current Choro Q cars.  (The fancier one like the High Speed cost a little more).  Unlike the Turbo Trickster which bombed in the US, the Choro Q line still going strong today ,in fact Takara had just celebrated 20th anniversary of Choro Q.  The line now came complete with track play-sets, add-on power-up, remote charger and even a sponsor tournament where you can compete and win prizes.   Takara also released several video games based on Choro Q line (these games were called Penny Racers and Gadget Racers in the US)

Choro Q Motors Web site. (Takara Official Choro Q Page)

Honda Toy Town Web site. (require Shockwave)  Here you can play with virtual Choro Q.


Takara released Choro Q "Cyborg Lab Special Make - Stealth Vehicle Collection" in 1999.  These vehicles were the same as the Choro Q cars from Neo Stealth Vehicles Set that were sold  in 1998 as Toys R Us exclusive.  The cars were changed from smoke to clear plastics.  The logos for each vehicle was also changed to color logo.

(See also Toys R Us Exclusive Neo Cyborg Stealth Vehicle Set)

Takara Choro Q Line

Takara released many difference styles of Choro Q vehicles ranging from simple style Choro Q (HG series) just like the original line to the custom kit type for race track (SC series) to high tech IR control model (Digi Q series)

The standard type is the same as the original Choro Q.  These regular Choro Q still retails for 350 Yen much like they did back in the 80's.  Aside from the standard Choro Q, Takara also released several collectibles Choro Q such as these Cyborg and Microman Choro Q cars.

SC Series are special Choro Q sold in kit form and are design for racing circuits and customization.  

Along with these vehicles, Takara also release accessories and parts to customize them.

Beside these vehicles, Takara also released Choro Q Robo line, which consisted of popular robots done in deform style and can transformed into Choro Q vehicles. Takara also produced other sci-fi line such as Choro Q Monster line, Combat Choro Q and Choro Q based on vehicles from various TV shows.


Cyborg Lab Stealth Vehicle Collection came package like typical Choro Q HG cars inside small plastic baggy.  The bag had Henshin Cyborg logo.  

Cyborg Lab Make Stealth Vehicle Collection

Toyota Supra with Neo Cyborg logo 

Nissan Skyline with Katagai Cyborg Lab logo

Mitsubishi GTO with Neo Victory logo

Honda Odyssey with Henshin Cyborg logo

Toyota Celica with Microman Zone logo

Toyota Soarer with Microman logo

Special Thank to Rik Ruff for these Choro Q and the Choro Q Stealth Vehicle Collection