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2004 Micro Action Series

Microman Street Fighter Series Micro Action MA-11 Chun-Li and MA-12 Sakura (2/24/05)


Microman 2004



Tatsunoko Fight Microman 2nd Run (2/04)
MA-01 Gachaman

MA-02 Casshan

MA-03 Polymer

MA-04 Tekkaman 

MA-05 Volter


Transformers Superlink (3/25/04) 

SC-14 Kicker (Microman)


Special Anniversary Set

Microman Kicker

SL Grand Convoy


Micro Casshern (4/28/04)

MA-06 Casshern (Movie)


Micro Batman (4/28/04)

MA-07 Batman (Comic)

MA-08 Batman (Flight Gear)



Micro Devilman (7/04)

MA-09 Devilman (TV Ver.)


Toy's Dream Project Exclusive Limited Edition (9/30/04)

MA-09 Green Devilman (TV)


MA-SP02 Devilman & Sileen Set (Manga Version) (9/30/04)


Micro Batman Series 2 (9/30/04)

MA-10 Catwoman


MA-SP01 Batman (Black Ver.) & Bat-Girl Set (9/30/04)


Micro Street Fighter (2/24/05)

MA-11 Chun-Li

MA-12 Sakura


Micro AVP

MA-13 Alien Warrior

MA-14 Alien Queen

MA-15 Predator Elder

MA-16 Predator Scar

MA-17 Predator Celtic




Classic Thunderbirds

International Rescue Toys R Us Exclusive (9/16/04) 

MA-EX01 Scott Tracy

MA-EX02 Virgil Tracy





 Micro Action Series MA-11 and MA-12 came in the same style blister card packaging as the previous Micro Action releases. The blister shell however no longer had the "O" symbol and are just plain. The figures were packaged in vacuum form tray with the figures in "action" poses.




Takara expanded the popular licensed character Microman line with characters from 1990's video game icon, Capcom's Street Fighter with MA-11 Chun-Li and MA-12 Sakura. This year marked the 15th Anniversary of Street Fighter video game so the release of these two figures as part of Microman Micro Action line up was probably part of the marketing blitz. Interestingly, the initial release feature the two female characters. At this point, Takara have yet to announce any future figure from the Street Fighter.

Takara Micro Action Series Street Fighter made excellent use of vinyl add-on parts to the basic Female Full Action Body and turn the Microman female core body into really nice representation of the two characters from the game. The figures also had very nice paint job. Instead of the usual Microman figure stand, Takara also provided background display base along with clear clamp and 5mm plug so the figures can be display in "off the ground" poses. These two initial Street Fighter figures really turn out better than I expected and now I can not wait to see if Takara would put out more characters from this license.