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2004 Micro Action Series

Microman MA-06 Casshern Movie Version (4/28/2004)

Microman 2004


Tatsunoko Fight Microman 2nd Run (2/04)
MA-01 Gachaman

MA-02 Casshan

MA-03 Polymer

MA-04 Tekkaman 

MA-05 Volter

Transformers Superlink (3/25/04) 

SC-14 Kicker (Microman)


Special Anniversary Set

Microman Kicker

SL Grand Convoy


Micro Casshern (4/28/04)

MA-06 Casshern (Movie)

Micro Batman (4/28/04)

MA-07 Batman (Comic)

MA-08 Batman (Flight Gear)


Micro Devilman (7/04)

MA-09 Devilman (TV)


Toy's Dream Project Exclusive

MA-09 Green Devilman (TV) (9/16/04)


MA-SP02 Devilman & Sileen (Manga Version) (9/30/04)


Micro Batman Series 2 (9/04)

MA-10 Catwoman (9/30/04)


MA-SP01 Batman (Black Version) & Bat-Girl  (9/30/04)

Micro Street Fighter (2/24/05)

MA-11 Chun-Li

MA-12 Sakura


Micro AVP

MA-13 Alien Warrior

MA-14 Alien Queen

MA-15 Predator Elder

MA-16 Predator Scar

MA-17 Predator Celtic


Micro Spider-Man

MA-XX Spider-Man (Cancel)



Classic Thunderbirds

International Rescue Toys R Us Exclusive (9/16/04) 

MA-EX01 Scott Tracy

MA-EX02 Virgil Tracy

Microman 2004 Micro Action Series MA-08 Batman Flight Gear came packaged on beautiful removable type blister card. The blister card was slightly smaller than the Microman Master Force card.



Casshern (aka Casshan) was an anime character created by Tatsunoko studio back in the early 1970's. Casshan got remade (like many of other classic Tatsunoko anime) in 1990's. Casshan was a cyborg being with the mission to save the world from the evil robot - Black King. A big budget live action movie version of Casshern (with reworked story line) was released on April 24, 2004 and this version of Microman Casshern was based on the movie character design.


Official Casshern Website

Visit Casshern Official site more information about the movie. 

Microman 2004 came with new style figure stand. The stand features Microman "Da Vinci" style logo emboss on clear plastic with two styles of pegs  - one for the newer Microman figures and one for the vintage figures with 5mm port.

Takara released Microman MA-06 Casshern in April of 2004. The figure was released along with the two Microman Batman figures (MA-07 & MA-08 in the now expanded Micro Action Series. This version of Casshern was based on the new live action movie character. While Casshern was not new to the Micro Action line, this was the first figure in the series to be based on the live action show. (All the other characters in Micro Action series were based on either anime or comic designs.) The new costume design for Casshern movie made him more like a white ninja  and being a cyborg, I guess the character do fit well into this new "costume" series of Microman 2004.

 Casshern Microman was based on the new movie costume. The body was the standard Microman Full Action Body molded in matt off-white plastic. Most of the details were painted on and only two parts were remolded for this figure, the shoulder pad and the lower leg. While the paint job was not bad, the figure probably would have greatly benefit from more molded on details. The painted on details made the figure look a bit like character from Tron. The head design for Casshern was the most challenge especially this was the first time the figure in the line has to be based on real actor. The overall sculpt was not too bad but the painted job was not all that wonderful (as with most face paint for figure this size) and the head barely resemble the actor that play Casshern in the movie. The head came in several parts and can be re-assembled to either with the full face expose or with mouth piece cover. Takara also included helmet piece that replaced the hair with the classic Casshern helmet. This was where the problem came in, having removable piece is nice but they less than snug fit caused these parts to fall off easily while moving the head about.

Beside the head gear option, the figure also came with a sword and two hilt that attached to the back pelvic section. The figure also included extra set of hands (molded in matching color). Like the other recent releases, the hands now came on a holding "tree" to keep them in place while not being used. Casshern was probably the most "basic" of the three new Micro Action Series addition but the figure was pretty fun to play with. The simplistic design allowed for some very cool poses in various positions. Overall not a bad action-figure and first Microman figure to be based on live action show made for a cool addition to any Microman collection. 

Microman Casshern (Movie Version)