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2004 Micro Action Series

Transformers Superlink SC-14 Kicker  / Microman Kicker (3/25/2004)

Microman 2004


Tatsunoko Fight Microman 2nd Run (2/04)
MA-01 Gachaman

MA-02 Casshan

MA-03 Polymer

MA-04 Tekkaman 

MA-05 Volter

Transformers Superlink (3/25/04) 

SC-14 Kicker (Microman)


Special Anniversary Set

Microman Kicker

SL Grand Convoy


Micro Casshern (4/28/04)

MA-06 Casshern (Movie)

Micro Batman (4/28/04)

MA-07 Batman (Comic)

MA-08 Batman (Flight Gear)


Micro Devilman (7/04)

MA-09 Devilman (TV)


Toy's Dream Project Exclusive

MA-09 Green Devilman (TV) (9/16/04)


MA-SP02 Devilman & Sileen (Manga Version) (9/30/04)


Micro Batman Series 2 (9/04)

MA-10 Catwoman (9/30/04)


MA-SP01 Batman (Black Version) & Bat-Girl  (9/30/04)

Micro Street Fighter (2/24/05)

MA-11 Chun-Li

MA-12 Sakura


Micro AVP

MA-13 Alien Warrior

MA-14 Alien Queen

MA-15 Predator Elder

MA-16 Predator Scar

MA-17 Predator Celtic


Micro Spider-Man

MA-XX Spider-Man (Cancel)



Classic Thunderbirds

International Rescue Toys R Us Exclusive (9/16/04) 

MA-EX01 Scott Tracy

MA-EX02 Virgil Tracy

Cybertron Kicker


Kicker was the main human character on Transformers Superlink (Energon) TV show. He was a typical teenage character in Japanese anime with lots of anger, recklessness and piss off at the father. Kicker's father was a scientist working with the Cybertron (Autobot). Kicker was given special power by Legendary Primus. The power gave him special sense that can detect Energon deposits or approaching Destron (Deception) Transformers. His suit was built by his dad to protect him as he fight along side the Cybertron (Autobot) to defend human from Destron.

Takara released SC-14 Kicker as part of the Transformers Superlink line in March of 2004. The figure used the same basic body as Microman 2003 - 2004 series and marked the first times since the G1 series, that Transformers utilized Microman toy as part of the line-up. The figure was mainly sold as a TF Superlink toy but the package also bear Microman 2004 logo, so it was sold also as part of the character tie-in for Microman 2004 Micro Action Series line.    (Transformers Superlink was Japan equivalent of US Transformers Energon series.)  Kicker used the basic core body from the 2003 Microman series with some minor modification to the feet and new parts for the head gear, armor and belt. The armor piece are removable and the backpack plug into Microman 5mm port. Kicker chest had Cybertron (Autobot) symbol on his chest which made him part of Cybertron faction.  The body had very nice paint job and he was paint to resemble Kicker character as he appeared in Transformers Superlink TV show. The figure came only with chrome Energon Saber accessory.  The sword had double size hilt which allow it to be used by both Kicker figure and other Transformers Superlink toys (which now all have the standardize 5mm port).  The significant of this figure was not lost on Takara and Special Anniversary Edition of Kicker with chrome head and chest was sold along with Transformers SL Grand Convoy as a commemorative set to mark the historical milestones of these two great Takara sci-fi series. The only complain was the lack of any "extra" in this package.  All you get was a figure and a chrome Energon Saber.  An alternate human head, extra hands or even just a Microman 2004 figure stand would made nice accessories for this special figure.  (Hasbro have announced that they do not currently plan to release Microman Kicker as part of the Energon line.  However, TF Energon toy with Kicker name has appeared on store computer listing)