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1975 Original Microman

Microman Series M12X Type - M121 Mason, M122 Michael, M123 Miller and M124 Max (c.1975)

M12X Type


Like most vintage Microman, M12Xs were sold in their plastic capsule case straight from the display box.  Each member of the M12Xs came in specific color capsules. M121 came in blue, M122 came (surprisingly) in pink, M123 came in white and M124 came in red capsule.


M12X came with decorative sticker sheet and white L connector.  

In 1975, Takara introduced two new types Microman for the second year of Microman-Zone.  The two types were designated as M11X Type and M12X Type.  Takara also redesign the last year Microman Zone series and designated them as M10X Type.  Takara began to dissociate the new Microman-Zone series from the Henshin Cyborg and marketed Microman as a new stand alone series.

For some reason M12X, along with M11X, never appeared in Microman manga.  M12X series were sold in capsule case like the first Microman series.  M12X came with several stickers decoration and they were the only Microman that displayed their numerical designation. In early prototype design, Takara gave the M11X and M12X robot-like head instead of the human head, this probably explain all the number and alpha designation stickers perhaps they were originally design to be a robot or android (along the line of Android A from Cyborg series) but the concept was abandon in favor of making them just a cyborg like the first series M10X Microman.  Each figure was also package with the "L" shape 5mm connector.  The connector was used to seat Microman to some of the early (1975-76) Microman vehicles and play-sets.  Takara later abandoned the peg system and mold the 5mm connector right on to the seat of a vehicle. 

Takara also sold M122 Michael with Machine Car vehicle Bull Crane and M124 Max was package with Machine Car - Super Jet.  These two vehicles were sold as Micronauts toys, but instead of M12X figure, Mego packaged them with Time Traveler figure instead. 

M12X, though not very rare, were much sought after by collectors before Takara re-issue them in 1999 as part of the Replica Microman Series.  The vintage version can be distinguished by better detail head and darker chrome color.  The vintage one also came with oval numerical designation sticker pre-apply from the factory. (This sticker, however, tended to be missing from the loose figure)

Microman M12X story

Microman M12X was revived near the earth crust by Spectrum MX ray send out by the M10X Microman.  The were revived at the same time as the M11X type Microman.  M12X body was influence by the earth crust.

M121 Mason - great research scientist on natural phenomenon. 

M122 Michael - great pilot and can operate any vehicle with great ease.

M123 Miller - has super photographic memory

M124 Max - researching the galaxy.  Pilot of Robotman.

M12X Checklist

M121 Mason Red Blue capsule
M122  Michael Light blue Pink capsule
M123 Miller Clear green White capsule
M124 Max Yellow Red capsule

Takara later repackage M121 Mason and sold him as M003 Uri under New Microman Series banner in 1981. Takara later replaced him with a black and yellow version of M12X when the old stock of M121 ran out. Takara also produced exclusive dark blue and black version M003 as pack-in figure for Micro Robot 7 Four Walker play-set. 

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Takara re-issued M12X type in 1999 as part of the Replica Microman line.  Takara also released several new color variations including Clear Mode version of M121-M124 and also all white M12X figure named Microman Snow.

Vintage figures can be distinguished from the re-issue versions by their darker chrome heads.  There are also minor details difference between the two but these are very hard to discern unless one compare them side by side.  Note the pre-applied vintage oval decals on the chest of M12X shown above.  The trapezoid decal came from the sticker sheet.  The re-issue versions do not come with these oval shape pre-apply stickers.

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M12X came with some variations. The capsule sticker badge were changed from the early version with Microman logo in green banner to the later more common Microman roundel "MAT" logo design.

The shoulder pieces on the later (post 1978) figures  were molded in semi-opaque white plastic instead of the clear plastic commonly found on most Microman figures.

M121 Mason (vintage)

M122 Michael (vintage)

  M123 Miller (vintage)

  M124 Max (vintage)

Note - the figure came only with the oval shape sticker pre-applied from factory.  The rest of the stickers came on the sticker sheet.