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1981 New Microman Series
New Microman M001 - M011 (c.1981-1984) 

talos new Microman museum

The following presentation is made possible with the generous help from Talos Tsui (of the iconfactory) and his personal collection of New Microman from his childhood days.   It was amazing to find a collection with a complete set of all eleven New Microman figures still Mint in Capsules with all their accessories and instruction sheets.

Enclosed mini-catalog & instruction sheet

New Microman name tag.


New Microman capsule was design to be interconnect and can be clip to belt.  The lid also had slot to hold coins.   Each New Microman came with the same accessories as the Original Series.  (with exception of the later released M-011 Saram)  M-009 & M-010 come with Pulse Gun; M006-M008 come with Pulsar Wave Gun & backpack and M-004 and M-005 come with Command Anti-Repulsion wings.

Capsule interior.  The New Microman capsule came in several colors - red, yellow, black, blue and white.

M-001 & M-002

M-003 & M-004

M-005 & M-006

M-007 & M-008

M-009 & M-010

The New Microman is an entirely separate new story and is not related to the original series.  (Takara wanted to start the new series with a clean slate)  Many current Microman collectors and fans try to bridge the gap between the two Series by coming up with the story to link the two.   Most fans simply view the New Microman as Microman from another dimension, sort of like parallel universe.  Takara released several of the original Microman body type as the New Microman with new color variations, new names and designations (many of the early New Microman figure were left over stock from original series repackage in new capsule with added sticker).  Takara also opted for a simpler numerical designation this time around, each of the Microman were number M-001 to M-011 and each were given a distinctive name.   Some of the New Microman came with several color variants but unlike the Original Series they are all treated as the same character (i.e. same name and designation).  In New Microman series each figure change into different color body armor much like changing cloth.   This concept of Microman wearing armor was to be carry on in 2000 Magne Power & LED Power

New Microman Story

In a far universe existed a planet call Micro-Earth, a highly civilize world that locked in a war with the Acroyears race who were determined on conquer Micro-Earth and the universe.   Micro-Police Corp send signal to the Special Unit Microman to return to Micro-Earth from their patrol to stop the Acroyears who had just stolen the Dimension Generator.     While they approached Micro-Earth in their ship, they were surprised by sudden mysterious explosion that completely obliterated Micro-Earth.    The ten Microman then gave chase to the Acroyears who were making an escape to another dimension using the Dimension Generator.   They soon found themselves on Earth and decided to make Earth their new home.  The Ten Microman allied themselves with kids on Earth to stop the Acroyears plan of universe domination.

M-001 Aromu - expert in computer, calm and have level judgment.  He is a green M10X type figure, which was also released back in 1980 as part of the Power-Up Rescue Set.  He came with with "M" badge sticker on his chest. 


Color Variants


clear green with gold or silver chest plate (four different designs from the M10X series)

M-002 Iriya - genius, inventors, have a brilliant mind. Early version of M-002 was done in black body with yellow pelvic (same color as M114 Blacky), Takara later released him in red body with pelvic combination. Both versions came with chest sticker. An exclusive orange and black version of M-002 was included as part of Three Walker 7-2-1 Micro Robot set.


Color Variants


black body/yellow pelvic (sold individually and also with Battle Suit #1) 1st version.

red body/black pelvic (sold individually and also with Battle Suit #1) 2nd version.

orange body/black pelvic (sold with Three Walker Set)

M-003 Uri - expert in martial art and fighting tactics.  Early version of M-003 was done in red and white (same color as M121 Mason), Takara later released him in black and yellow pelvic. Both version came with sticker badge.  An exclusive dark blue with black pelvic was include as part of Four Walker 7-2-1 Micro Robot set.


Color Variants


red body/white pelvic (sold individually and also with Battle Suit #2) 1st version.

black body/yellow pelvic (sold individually and also with Battle Suit #2) 2nd version.

blue body/black pelvic (sold with Four Walker set)

M-004 Eiji - an excellent operator of Micro Ridor.  Eiji was first released in blue with black pelvic.  He came with "M" sticker badge.  There were several exclusive pack-in version of Eiji, he was done in dark blue with white pelvic and dark red with black pelvic for Double Gannon Armor Suit.  M-004 Eiji also came in blue with white pelvic Micro Ridor.  An exclusive black with white pelvic was released as a pack-in figure for the 7-2-1 Formation Micro Robot set.


Color Variants


blue body/black pelvic (sold individually and also with blue Micro Ridor)

red body/black pelvic (sold with blue Double Cannon)

dark blue body/white pelvic (sold with red Double Cannon) 

blue body/white pelvic (sold with red Micro Ridor)

black body/white pelvic (sold with 7-2-1 Formation set)

clear blue with gold sparkle (Microman Replica Series 2000)

M-005 Oruga - created "Mighty Suit"  with M002 & M003.  Oruga was first released in red with black pelvic which was actually the same as M171 however the chest piece was change to green color plastic instead of glow in the dark plastic.  Takara later released him in red with white pelvic.  It was most likely that M005 along with M002 & M003 were probably left over stock from original Microman line since all three of these figures were used as pack-in for Battle Suits which were the first toys released for the New Microman line.  Takara released a red and black pelvic with blue chest piece as pack-in figure for blue Galac Sniper and a dark blue and white pelvic with red chest piece for red version of Galac Sniper.  


Color Variants


red/black pelvic with green chest piece (sold individually and also with Battle Suit # 3) 1st version.

red/white pelvic with green chest piece (sold individually and also with Battle Suit # 3) 2nd version.

red/black pelvic with dark blue chest piece (sold with blue Galac Sniper)

blue/white with red chest piece (sold with red Galac Sniper)

M-006 Kamui - lost his parents due to Acroyear, vows to avenge the destruction of Micro Earth.  M006 was a M23X Police Keeper done in yellow and black.


Color Variants


yellow body/ black pelvic (sold individually and also with Magma Gunder  and Micro Gunder -3 Set)

M-007 Kiruku - the most outgoing of the group, know how to make people laugh.  He is a white with blue pelvic M25X Rescue Microman.


Color Variants


white body/dark blue pelvic (sold individually and also with Air Gunder)

M-008 Cleo - interested in natural science.  Cleo was first released as orange with black pelvic M26X type Rescue Microman with "M" sticker badge.  A blue and black pelvic version was included as exclusive pack-in for Cosmic Fighter.


Color Variants


orange body/black pelvic (sold individually and also with Cosmo Gunder )

blue body/black pelvic (sold with Armored Machine Cosmic Fighter)

M-009 Kenji - good mechanic.  He is a dark green M27X Rescue Microman with "M" sticker badge.   Takara later release him in yellow and black as an exclusive pack-in for BulSonic.   A light blue with black pelvic was also sold as pack-in figure for Real Type version.


Color Variants


green body/black pelvic (sold individually)

yellow body/black pelvic (sold with Armored Suit DX BulSonic - Blue Type & Real Type)

blue body/black pelvic (sold with Armored Suit DX BulSonic - Red Type)

M-010 Corona - an elder of the group.   Brother of Kenji.  He is a blue with black pelvic M28X Rescue Microman with "M" sticker badge.


Color Variants


blue body/black pelvic (sold individually)

In 1983, Takara released the last of the New Microman M-011 Saram along with Micro Change Series.

M-011 SaramSaram is a leader of the Micro Change, good with tactic but head strong at time.  He arrived on Earth using Micro2000, a small dimensional travel capsule, before the catastrophic explosion of Micro Earth. M-011 were repainted  of M16X Command 2 or Micronauts Pharoid with "MC" sticker on his chest.   M-011 were sold in special chamber seat capsule (Micro2000) without Command 2 Repulsion Wing accessories.  There were total of six different color variations for M-011 Saram. (He had the most variations of all New Microman)  Saram came in black with orange pelvic, red with black pelvic, dark blue with white pelvic, blue with balck pelvic, red with white pelvic and black with white pelvic. The first four were sold individually in Micro2000 capsule the last two versions came from MC8 & MC9 Cassette Machines).



Color Variants


black body/orange pelvic (sold individually in blue Micro2000 capsule) red body/black pelvic (sold individually in gray Micro2000 capsule) dark blue body/white pelvic (sold individually in black Micro2000)
light blue body/black pelvic (sold individually in red Micro2000) red body/white pelvic (sold with MC-08 Battle Bike) black body/white pelvic (sold with MC-09 Jet Heli)


M-011 & Micro2000

Micro2000 Dimension Traveling Capsule.  Micro2000 came in gray, blue, red and black.  The lid flips open to reveal control panel and a command chair complete with 5mm peg.