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  2000 Microman Reissue Series
Reproduction M12X Capsule Microman M121, M122, M123 & M124 (5/2000)


Reissue M12X come on a removable blister card.  The card backing design is the same as the reissue M11X.


Each figure come with a color capsule unfortunately they are not the same color as the original versions but rather the same set of capsule from the previously reissue M11X.  The only figure that happen to come with correct color capsule is M124 Max.


Each figure comes with smoke clear

As a bonus Takara includes with each M12X a pair of guns.


M121 Mason

M122 Michael

M123 Miller



M124 Max

Takara did an excellent job with M12X reproduction series.  The figure is very close to the original vintage version with only very slight different in the details which is almost unnoticeable even when one put the them side by side.  The head, fortunately, is a brand new replica and is much better than the one that came with Romando M13X Spy Magician.  (M12X & M13X share the same head design).

Takara also include a set of sticker which is a good facsimile of the original sticker sheet.   Unfortunate, Takara decides to cut cost and give the Reissue M12X the same set of capsules as the one that came with Reissue M11X.   This is a little upsetting since the original M122 come with a nice pink capsule and M121 come with blue color.  Aside from this minor gripe, the M12X Reissues are solid replicas and Takara even included two guns as accessories.  The guns is a replica of the weapons from Rescue Power-Up set.

Below is a close up picture of reissue M122 and vintage M122.  The reissue head is a little smaller than the original and the details around the eyes are not quite as sharp, however, Takara give the reissue hair even more details than the vintage!  The vintage heads were also done in dark chrome.

Another notable difference, is that the vintage figures came with chest number stickers pre-applied.  These chest stickers are oval in shape and not trapezoid like the one that came on the sticker sheet. 

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Left - reissue M122 Michael, right - original M122 Michael