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Takara X-BORG / bbi CY COM Series

X-02 Thunder-maru / Cy Com Spectre (5/03) 


CG Series

X (Cross) BORG / CY COM


X-01 / CY COM 01 (?/01)
Guard of CG
/ Colossus


X-02 / CY COM 02 (5/03)
Thunder-maru (ninja) / Spectre


X-03 / CY COM 03 (5/03)
Dragon-maru (ninja) / Fireblade 


X-04 ?


X-05 ?



X-02 / Spectre featured new cyborg head sculpt. He has the words "CYCOM Unit 002" printed on his forehead.


The right shoulder has spike armor that can be opened to reveal his cybernetic enhancements.


The body was clearly from the Neo Cyborg line and retained the same features as the Henshin Cyborgs such as chrome internal organs and light up chest.


Most of the X-BORG / CY COM Neo Cyborg body had been painted but several sections were left clear to reveal the inner cybernetic part and gave the figure pretty neat effect. 


Most of the old Neo Cyborg body had been covered by new highly detail armor pieces.  The legs and pelvic are covered by cloth ninja pants.  The outfit is not removable however.


Takara X-BORG X-02 Thunder-maru was released as Cy Com Spectre by bbi for their Cy Com series. (The version shown here is the bbi Cy Com version). Like previous Cy Com and X-BORG, Spectre was based on the Neo Henshin Cyborg body. The main body was dark smoke clear with silver highlight. The head, hands and feet were newly sculpt and not the Neo Cyborg parts. The figure came with several accessories - cloth ninja mask, helmet, "Talon", knife and arm blade. The figure retained the light up feature of the Neo Cyborg and his chest cavity glowed when the button is pressed. X-BORG/Cy Com line definitely gave new life to the old Neo Cyborg body. While I am not a big fan of ninja mythos, I had to admit that Takara did an excellent job on converting the Neo Cyborg into cybernetic ninja.  (Note: The figure shown above the swords were in backward because the factory put the holder in while the paint was not yet dry and they are frozen in that position)

Spectre with his Talon.

bbi Cy Com Spectre Story


A group known as CORE (Cyber Organism Research and Engineering) is a world leader in android  technology and among their operatives are advanced cybernetic agents known as "Cyber Commandos" or "Cy-Coms".  These operatives are at the cutting edge of cybernetic technology and each Cy-Com receives enhancements for specific tactical situation and missions. Enhancements to Cy-Coms include a re-enforced skeleton structure to allow a variety of weaponry and equipments to be employed. Part of their role is as support teams for the Cy-Girls operatives, providing multi-role capabilities over a wide range of situations on behalf of CORE.


Spectre is a member of the team of Cy Com operatives specializing in covert daytime operations. His anatomy has been cybernetically enhanced with body armour and improvements which allow him to use the "Talon", a lethal twin blade sword that attaches directly to his arm.  While the Talon is his weapon of choice, Spectre also employs dual katana and is a martial art specialist with exceptional combat skill.