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Micro Heritage

Takara X (Cross) BORG / bbi CY COM Series


CG Series

X (Cross) BORG / CY COM


X-01 / CY COM 01 (?/01)
Guard of CG
/ Colossus


X-02 / CY COM 02 (5/03)
Thunder-maru (ninja) / Spectre


X-03 / CY COM 03 (5/03)
Dragon-maru (ninja) / Fireblade 

After the lost of the Combat Joe license, Takara began a partnership with bbi and distributed bbi's 1/6 scale military figures called Elite Force to tap into the popular 1/6 scale market that dominated by Dragon.  Takara, with bbi, released new series of 1/6 scale female sci-fi / military figures called Cool Girls or CG. (bbi sold them as Cy Girls in the US). Cool Girls/Cy Girls series was aim to capitalize on new segment of 1/6 scale market that feature female figures in tight outfit with heavy arms (or in short the "babe with guns" theme), instead of the usual male soldiers line or male sci-fi costume hero line that dominated much of the 1/6 market.

X-Borg Story

“X-Borg” is the general term for a mass-produced series of androids whose design is based on the Android A-type developed by the “n2 Foundation”. The world’s top cybernetics technology research team, incorporating some of n2’s most advanced technology, X-Borg is lighter and closer in proportion to human beings than any previous model of android. Its power output and processing speed are light years beyond anything ever seen before.

The 'Cy Com series' Colossus most impressive feature is its easily customizable, multipurpose design, allowing it to respond effectively to a wide range of situations by attaching optional units to the connectors located on each arm, it can be adapted for a variety of different purposes. The X-Borg series is employed by countries around the world, while X-Borg is most commonly used as an elite “immortal soldier”, it has also been successfully applied to SWAT teams, rescue squads, and a number of other capacities.  "Guard of CG" is a specially modified X-Borg Cy-Com Series X-01 Colossus programmed with personality to be used as back up for Cool Girls (Cardinal-Garrison) operatives and also as their trainers. CG actually stands for "CARDINAL-GARRISON", a mysterious military organization that combats global conspiracies and heinous crime. The group's influence extends to all corners of the globe, and there are report of "CG" activity stretching as far back as WW2.

Takara Official CG Web Site

While CG line initially had very little relation to Takara 1/6 scale Henshin Cyborg line, Takara later introduced CG spin-off series called X (Cross) BORG as a way to add male figure type into the all girls series. The X Borg series used the 1/6 body from their now defunct Neo Henshin Cyborg series modified to have more gritty edge and to fit into the CG line.  Takara, in a nod to the Neo Cyborg line gave background story for the X-Borg that loosely tie them to the Henshin series. (The X-Borg were series of androids that were based on the Neo Android-A design - see sidebar). The first X-Borg toy was X-01 Guard of CG and was basically an opaque metallic gray Neo Cyborg with new head and feet sculpts and came with Cy Girls accessories. Though the first X-Borg toy sold reasonably well and was even picked up by bbi to be sold as "Cy Com" series (bbi took took the name Cy Com or Cyber Commando, which was a series name for X-Borg Colossus and turned it into a name for the US line).  It would take Takara over a year to release two more additions to the X-Borg series.  The two new figures, X-02 Thunder and X-03 Dragon, were ninja cyborgs heavily modified from Neo Cyborg body. X-02 and X-03 were sold in the US under bbi's Cy Com banner as Spectre and Fireblade.


 Neo Cyborg Android-A

bbi Cy Com Story

In the year 2064, technology has advanced to a level where it is possible to improve the abilities of humans far beyond normal capabilities  Earlier version of such techniques were known as "bionics" but now science has advanced cybernetic technology to create the ultimate cybernetic organism, known as androids or cyborgs.  A group known as CORE (Cyber Organism Research and Engineering) is a world leader in this technology and among their operatives are advanced individuals known as "Cyber Commandos" or "Cy-Coms".  These operatives are at the cutting edge of this technology and each Cy-Com receives enhancements for specific tactical situation and missions. Enhancements to Cy-Coms include a re-enforced skeleton structure to allow a variety of weaponry and equipments to be employed. Part of their role is as support teams for the Cy-Girls operatives, providing multi-role capabilities over a wide range of situations on behalf of CORE.