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Takara X-BORG / bbi CY COM Series

X-01 Guard of CG / Cy Com Colossus (5/03) 


CG Series

X (Cross) BORG / CY COM


X-01 / CY COM 01 (?/01)
Guard of CG
/ Colossus


X-02 / CY COM 02 (5/03)
Thunder-maru (ninja) / Spectre


X-03 / CY COM 03 (5/03)
Dragon-maru (ninja) / Fireblade 


X-04 ?


X-05 ?



X-01 / Colossus featured new cyborg head sculpt. The head fit over existing Neo Cyborg neck joint.  His eyes were painted gold.


The body was clearly from the Neo Cyborg line and retained the same features as the Henshin Cyborgs such as chrome internal organs and light up chest.  The chest has Cy Com logo in silver.  (X-Borg version had gold CG logo instead)


The new head had panel design in the back highlight in gold color to give him more of the cyborg looks.


Most of the X-BORG / CY COM smoke clear Neo Cyborg body had been painted over but several sections were left clear to reveal the inner cybernetic parts and gave the figure a pretty neat effect.  Who would have thought the Neo Cyborg would look so good in leather outfit.


Who need a silly Giraffe Gun when one's arm can be cybernetically  replaced with a modified Vulcan cannon just like the one in F-16 fighter jet.

Takara X-BORG X-01 Guard of CG was released as Cy Com Colossus by bbi for their Cy Com series. (The version shown here is the bbi Cy Com version). X-01/Colossus was the first figure in the series and was based on the Neo Henshin Cyborg body. The main body was painted gray with smoke clear section and gold highlight. The head, hands and feet were newly sculpt and not the Neo Cyborg parts. The figure came with several accessories - leather trench coat, holster, leather pants, Maggie Hammer, and "Vulcan" arm attachment. The figure retained the light up feature of the Neo Cyborg and his chest cavity glowed red when the button is pressed. X-BORG/Cy Com line definitely gave new life to the old Neo Cyborg body.  The gray color and accessories taken from Cool Girls / Cy Girls line really gave Neo Cyborg a brand new gritty look.

Colossus with his "Vulcan" ready to bail out any Cy-Girls in trouble

bbi Cy Com Colossus Story


A group known as CORE (Cyber Organism Research and Engineering) is a world leader in android  technology and among their operatives are advanced cybernetic agents known as "Cyber Commandos" or "Cy-Coms".  These operatives are at the cutting edge of cybernetic technology and each Cy-Com receives enhancements for specific tactical situation and missions. Enhancements to Cy-Coms include a re-enforced skeleton structure to allow a variety of weaponry and equipments to be employed. Part of their role is as support teams for the Cy-Girls operatives, providing multi-role capabilities over a wide range of situations on behalf of CORE.


One of the first of the Cy-Com operatives is "Colossus". His specialty is offensive close quarter combat and extraction techniques.  His main weaponry is the Vulcan rotating cannon giving him incredible firepower.  The modified skeleton of Colossus allows him to manipulate the Vulcan cannon as an integral part of his arm. His vastly improved physical strength allows him to fire and control the weapon in all situations.