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Microman 2004 Series

Kiguru Microman Series


Microman 2004



Kiguru-Microman (12/28/04)
KM-01 Ken as Godzilla (1st Version)


KM-02 Billy as Godzilla (Final War Version)


Kiguru-Microman SP (2/05)
KM-SP01 Harold as Godzilla (Greatest War) VS Victor as King Ghidrah


KM-SP02 Walter as Jet Jaguar VS Kim as Megalon



Microman 2004


Time has flown by since the birth of Microman in 1974. Now, in 2004, he has returned to us in a new form. We entrust him to the care of those who have a child's heart in order to explore the unforeseeable future.


Official Microman Website

Takara official site for Microman 2004

In mid 2004, with Microman 2004 series enjoyed good success, Takara announced plan to add a new forth series in addition to the three regular line-up (Microman, Micro Action and Material Force). The latest series put an interesting spin on Microman and harkens the line back to its original root of the Henshin Cyborg costumed hero series. The series was called Kiguru which translated as "costumed actor" combined Microman figure with real costume outfit. What make the series even more interesting was the fact that the first Kiguru-Microman series was based on Toho Studio's venerable  Godzilla series (which reached 50th anniversary milestone in 2004). Instead of blank body, Takara cleverly included a full fledge Microman figure with each rubber monster costume suit. Takara has yet to announce any future series aside from the initial seven figures all of which were based on characters from the Godzilla property.