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Microman 2004 Series

Kiguru-Microman Series KM-01 Godzilla (First Version) with Microman Ken (12/28/04)


Kiguru Microman



KM-01 Godzilla (1st Version) with Microman Ken


KM-02 Godzilla (Final War Version) with Microman Billy


KM-SP01 Godzilla (Greatest War) with Microman Harold VS King Ghidrah with Microman Victor


KM-SP02 Jet Jaguar with Microman Walter VS Megalon with Microman Kim






KM-01 Godzilla (First Version) with Microman Ken

KM-01 came packaged in standard Microman 2004 packaging with reseal-able blister card. The blister packaging was actually similar to the one used for the Micro Action EX International Rescue figures (which was another costumed Microman figure)


KM-01 Godzilla depicted the infamous radioactive giant lizard in his original version Godzilla movie from 1954. KM Godzilla was actually a rubber suit for Microman and to properly display the figure, Microman body must be inserted inside the suit.


Microman New Stand


Microman 2004 came with new style figure stand. The stand features Microman "Da Vinci's The Vetruvian Man" style logo emboss on clear plastic with two styles of foot pegs  - one for the newer Microman 2004 figures and one for the old Microman figures with the 5mm port.


Takara released the Kiguru-Microman set (KM-01 and KM-02) in December of 2004 to coincide with the released of the 50th Anniversary Godzilla movie "Godzilla - Final War". Kiguru which translated to costumed actor was the forth sub-series for the popular 2004 line. Kiguru-Microman Series combined the elements from both the regular Microman Force series and that of Micro Action series, which resulted into "Micro" version of the 12" costume doll (such as Medicom RAH or Takara own original Henshin Cyborg Henshin Set). Each Kiguru-Microman set included a Microman actor and a rubber monster costume. Microman figure can be inserted into the rubber suit which gave the Godzilla body the illusion of having a Microman actor inside the rubber suit. So far the Kiguru-Microman is limited to just monsters from the ever popular Godzilla franchise of studio Toho. Since most of the Godzilla toys are usually made by Bandai so it was very interesting to see Godzilla being co-branded with Takara Microman series.

The initial assortment of KM series included two separate set of figures. KM-01 included Godzilla (1st version style from 1950's) and Microman Ken, and KM-02 which included the latest Final War Godzilla and Microman Billy. The set came packaged in blister card similar to the one used for Micro Action EX International Rescue set. The Microman figure was a basic Micro Force style figure but without any of the tampo decoration. Instead each figure came with clear stickers that can be used to decorate the body. The lack of paint probably due to the fact that these Kiguru Microman figure was meant to be used with the rubber suit and the paint probably rub off or react with the rubber. While the sticker was very thin and adhere well for the most part to the body, they certainly did not look as good as the painted on "tampo" decorations. KM-01 Microman Ken has clear yellow body with dark purple chest and shins. The figure was quite plain without the stickers but look very nice once the stickers had been applied. The figures that came with both KM-01 and KM-02 were very well made with very tight joints and high grade plastic. This was very fortunate since these figures were intended to be used with the rubber Godzilla suit.

While the Microman figure was very nice, the set main selling point was of course the rubber Godzilla suit that can be used with these Kiguru Microman figure. The suit was very well made with enough flexibility so the figure inside can articulated the suit just like the real thing. (As articulated as a rubber Godzilla suit can be, so do not expect to be able to do hand stand pose or anything of that nature). The problem however lie in the way the suit was designed. Instead of just inserting the Microman figure inside a hollowed out Godzilla, Takara designer opted for a very tight fitting suit design that precision fit to Microman 2004 body. This made for very frustrating session in trying to get Microman body into the suit. This was nearly impossible to do with the Final War Godzilla whose suit opening was way too small. I found it easier to remove Microman limbs from the ball sockets and insert the arms and legs first into the rubber suit then inserted the body and snap the joint onto the ball socket. And even this method was a test of one patience not to toss the rubber Godzilla and his Microman actor across the room. If you want to display Kiguru-Microman figure then you probably better off picking up either Material Force figure (any of them but M-08 Tristis whose arm pegs tend to slip off) or one of the Mater Force figures that can be cheaply obtained here in the US (just don't use Scorl or Alan whose joints tend to break, because once you get the body inside the suit you probably will never want to ever take it out again (unless you do not care to display the Godzilla figures). The hands and feet of Godzilla then get inserted into Microman hands and feet socket. The fit here is very good and makes for a very nice looking radioactive rubber lizard. While the rubber suit can be very frustrating, Takara decision to go with one piece precision fit design really boost the look of Godzilla and gives very nice illusion of Microman actor inside the rubberized monster outfit.

The Kiguru Microman Godzilla series was clearly meant as a novelty series much like the Micro Action EX International Rescue set. The bonus for the Kiguru set was that you get a full fledge Microman figure with unique head sculpt and colors. If you are looking for just a Microman figure then you probably better off getting figures from the core Microman series unless you are a completist and want all the Microman variations. (Pretty clever marketing on Takara part) If you are a fan of Godzilla and just want Godzilla figure, then there are plethora of Godzilla toys out there. However if you looking for unique figure that combine both Microman and Godzilla world then the Kiguru Microman would surely meet your need.