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Microman 2004 Series

Kiguru-Microman Series KM-SP02 Megalon (with Microman Kim) VS Jet Jaguar  (with Microman Walter) Set (2/05)





Kiguru Microman (12/28/04)
KM-01 Godzilla (1st Version) with Microman Ken


KM-02 Godzilla (Final War Version) with Microman Billy


Kiguru Microman SP (2/05)
KM-SP01 Godzilla (Greatest War) with Microman Harold VS King Ghidorah with Microman Victor


KM-SP02 Megalon (with Microman Kim) VS Jet Jaguar (with Microman Walter)






KM-SP02 Megalon VS Jet Jaguar Special Set with Microman Kim and Microman Walter

KM-SP02 came packaged in twin-pack style packaging. The packaging design was the same as the previous two Kiguru Microman set. (KM-01 & KM-02)


KM-SP02 depicted the two characters from 1973 Godzilla VS Megalon movie. May be Takara will someday release the 1973 version of Godzilla along with Gigan.


Microman New Stand


Microman 2004 came with new style figure stand. The stand features Microman "Da Vinci's The Vetruvian Man" style logo emboss on clear plastic with two styles of foot pegs  - one for the newer Microman 2004 figures and one for the old Microman figures with the 5mm port.


Takara released the follow up series to the Kiguru-Microman in February of 2005. The second series consisted of four Microman figures and their monster costumes and were sold as special "two-packs" set. The first set, KM-SP01, came with Godzilla Greatest War Version with Microman Harold and King Ghidorah with Microman Victor. The second set came with Megalon with Microman Kim and Jet Jaguar with Microman Walter. Each set followed the same design as the previous two Kiguru Microman and came with Microman actors and their rubber monster costumes.

KM-SP02 set interesting was the only set that did not feature Godzilla but instead the set feature his adversary Megalon and his ally robot Jet Jaguar from the 1973 Godzilla VS Megalon movie. It was nice that Takara decided to do this less famous character (but much love) Jet Jaguar. Takara took difference approach with these two figures, instead of one single suits, both Megalon and Jet Jaguar suits were break up into various sections. The only main gripe, is the head was not a mask but rather a replacement head. The mask design would give these figure more of the "costume" feel but the one piece solid head is much more secure and give the figures better appearances. This made assembling the suit much less frustrating than the two Godzilla set that were released earlier in the first series. The suits still require some fiddling to make them fit properly but certainly much less frustration level. White the suits were much easier to take apart, the set came with two beautiful looking Microman figure and one probably better off getting a spare figures from either the Material Force or Master Force and used them as the core body for the suit and allow you to display both Microman and their costume together.

Kiguru-Microman Megalon came with Microman Kim which, like the KM-01 Ken and KM-02 Billy, is essentially a "redeco" of of Microman 2003 body with new head and a set of sticker. Kim has clear orange body with white chest and shin which go really well together. The joints are clear dark brown. The stickers can be a bit of a work to apply but they certainly make the figure much more attractive.  (I would suggest a pair of tweezers when you sit down to decorate these Kiguru-Microman).

Kiguru-Microman Jet Jaguar came with Microman Walter. Walter has clear blue-green body with dark blue chest and shin. His joints are done in black. He is also another nice redeco of the 2003-2004 body. Takara also gave each Kiguru Microman distinctive head sculpts which help add to the personality of the figure. It clearly is quite a marketing ploy by Takara to include a full fledge Microman with each set and thus force one to buy these Godzilla Microman to get these figures. Though even if you not a Godzilla fan, the suits are pretty well made and really bring these Microman full circle to their Henshin Cyborg heritage. 

Kiguru- Microman set are not cheap by any mean, especially the two versus set which retails for 3000 Yen in Japan  before one even added the cost of shipping. I personally do enjoy the fact that I was able to buy these toys that combine my favorite line (Microman) with the giant monsters that I grew up with as a kid. But if you just want nice Godzilla then you probably better off with the selection of Godzilla toys out there and if you not a completist and only interest in Microman, then the Master series, the Acroyear X series or the Military Force probably be better choice. However if you are completist or like the novelty concept of this series then the Kiguru set certainly make nice addition to Microman line-up.