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 1975 MICROMAN ZONE Robotman Series / Victory Series
Robotman & Micronauts - Biotron (c.1975-77)


Robotman come package in Henshin Cyborg style box, actually the early package had only Victory Series shield logo which was later removed and replaced with Microman Command logo when Takara canceled Henshin Cyborg line in 1976.

Back View

Tank Mode

Robotman and Biotron was fully motorized.  The toy can be convert into a tank mode.

Micronauts Variations

Microman Robotman and early version of Biotron came with crystal clear cockpit while the later Mego Micronauts Biotron came with smoke clear variety.  

Beside the cockpit, Mego also changed the colors slightly. The blue was much brighter while the red was much darker.  Above is the comparison between later Biotron feet color and Microman Robotman feet color.  Note the change from the sea-blue to brighter blue color.

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Replica Microman Variants

In 2001, Takara reissued Robotman toy as part of the Replica Microman Series.  Beside the reissue version, Takara also introduced two new color variants - Clear Mode Robotman and SAS Robotman.

Robotman was released in 1975 as a hybrid toy line that would link Microman world with that of the Henshin Cyborg.  This linkage series for Microman and Henshin Cyborg was called Victory Series (the reason behind "SV" letters on Robotman and Biotron pelvic).  Robotman was a 14" tall fully motorized robot with clear chest cockpit to hold a Microman figure (which was quite revolutionary at the time).  Robotman had  caterpillar track on his back and able to convert into a tank like vehicle for Microman.  Takara also produced two add on sets - Drill Set & Dozer Set that would convert Robotman into a Mole Tank or a Bull Dozer.  (Early version of Robotman also came with card board cut-out versions of the Drill and Dozer attachments.)

Front : Robotman and back - Biotron (2nd version)

Robotman was one of major staying piece in Original Microman toys line.  The toy was made immensely popular by the manga (comic) because the lead character, young boy Akira, piloted Robotman as his personal mecha in the fight against the Acroyears.  Robotman would undergone a few transformations by the time Microman line reached its end point in 1980.   In 1977, Takara released upgraded Robotman called Robotman2. In 1980, the last year of the original Microman line, Robotman would return in his ultimate incarnation as Robotman God Fighter.

Robotman (also early version of Biotron)

Micronauts Biotron Variants

When Mego licensed Microman toys in 1976, Robotman was released as part of Micronauts toy line called Biotron.  The early version of Biotron was simply repackage of Takara Robotman in Mego Micronauts box.  Later version would came from Mego factory in Hong Kong using new mold (copied from Takara's Robotman mold).  The later version of Biotron produced in Hong Kong had a darker tint cockpit, darker red color for the chest and much brighter blue color legs and back part. (See sidebar)

Mego later released a re-color version of Biotron with new head design as Micronauts Phobos.  After Mego demised in early 1980's, Biotron toy was released by Mego's successor as The Inter-Changeables - Cosmobot.  Cosmobot was given red and yellow color scheme.  (Most of the toys from the first series of The Inter-Changeables came in this yellow and red color scheme).   The second series of The Interchangeables, Cosmobot was given color scheme but thus far no one has been able to locate an actual sample of this toy.

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Later (and more common) version of Biotron with tint canopy and darker red color.

Paper Craft Robotman

Robotman toy came with cardboard paper cut-outs that can be used as accessories for Robotman.  (Picture courtesy of Ray M. of Micro ES)