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1976 SPY MAGICIAN Robotman Series
Robotman Gakeen (c.1976) 


Robotman Gakeen came in same style package as other Robotman toy.  Note "Robotman" logo.

Instruction Sheet

Robotman Gakeen came with full color instruction sheet and also a sticker sheet.  The instruction sheet had a nice cross-sections view of Robotman Gakeen.

Back view

Back view of Robotman Gakeen.  Note the battery compartment and on/off switch.  Gakeen design was very streamline and the body lacked all the 5mm ports found on the previous Robotman.

Takara released the rare Robotman Gakeen in 1976.  Robotman Gakeen was release as part of the Robotman Series.  Robotman Series was originally intended by Takara to be the bridge between Microman and Henshin Cyborg Series to form a larger toys tie-in project call Victory Series.  However when Henshin Cyborg line was terminated in 1974, there was no longer a reason for keeping the Victory Series and Robotman then became part of Microman line. 

Robotman Gakeen

Gakeen was an TV show character that was introduce as sort of a sequel to the popular Geeg.  Gakeen however never did garner much popularity.  Takara licensed Gakeen character (since it also own the licensed for Geeg character) and was probably betting on the success of Gakeen so they released several toys base on Gakeen including this unusual Robotman toy. (Takara produced both magnemo-8 and magnemo-11 version of Gakeen, and also Microman die-cast version)  Robotman Gakeen was one of the largest Gakeen toys and probably one of the rarest of all the Gakeen toys.   Robotman Gakeen was also much of sought after by Microman collector since he was also considered a part of the Robotman series which added to the rarity of this particular toy.   

Robotman Gakeen was a fully motorized toys much like the previous Robotman.  He stood about 12" tall which was almost as tall as Robotman. He came with large assortments of accessories that not only transform him into a motorized tri-cycle but also allowed him to fully interchange with others Microman toys including original Robotman.   Robotman Gakeen came with spring load fists and also knees firing missile.   Robotman Gakeen became a basis for Robot Machine Z design.

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