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2000 LED Power Series
Shining Tector Series - L-22 Shining Arthur, L-23 Shining Izam, L-24 Shining Walt & L-25 Shining Odin  (9/21/00)


Shining Tector package.  The package card also have a cardboard cut-out stand for Tector weapons.

Shining Tector came with new catalog.  The catalog is similar to Secret Breast catalog (accordion style) with one side contains all the toys in LED Powers line (up to L-25) and the other contain story behind the toy that the catalog came with (in this case it gave origin of Shining Power and the new  Shining Tector weapons) 


Here is close-up look at the new head sculpts.  Each character now has a mouthpiece and has their eyes area expose. 

L-22 Shining Arthur with Shining Blaster

Not only each character get new head design, interestingly, each Shining Microman now have flesh tone color where the face is expose.   Each figure now have semi-painted face and this was perhaps done as a tribute to the original Microman MicroHoodman.  

L-24 Shining Walt with Shining Magnum.

Beside the new head, Shining Protector Microman also came with new pelvic design with "power" belt.  Each character came with unique "jewel" symbol on his belt buckle.  These symbols were supposed to give Laser Microman their new "Shining Power".   The LED Power weapons and Magne shields also had been replaced by the new Shining Tector weapons designed by Shining Edison.  Each Shining weapon has two mode - Blaster mode and Tector mode.  In Blaster mode the weapon is hold up against the chest and can be light up by chest LED.  In Tector mode the weapon became power up for LED armor. In this mode the five weapons can be combine to form Perfect Shining mode.

Shining Tector Series was released by Takara in September of 2000.  Unlike Magne Power line in which the figures were drastically change from original Magne Microman to Super Magne Power, Shining Microman were very similar to Laser Microman version.   Takara gave each figure a brand new head sculpt, new pelvic section and new weapon set.   They also change the color slightly to a more lighter tone.

L-23 Shining Izam with Shining Sword

Since these new Microman were suppose to be related to MicroHoodman (they came from one of the MicroHoodman colony), the flesh tone really gave them more of a solid connection to the original series.  If this connection to MicroHoodman is true then it will also explained their smaller size (8cm just like MicroHoodman) and the reason why they are wearing body armor (and change them often) since MicroHoodman also wear the Hood as protective armor and weapon.

(See also 1978 MicroHoodman)

L-25 Shining Odin with Shining Claw

Perfect Shining Mode