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RELEASE DATE : 11/29/05

RETAIL PRICE : 1,360 Yen





MS-01 El


MS-02 Shion


MS-03 Ran


MS-04 Orga






MicroSister series is the final year end series for Microman 2005 Microman line and release by TAKARA in November of 2005. MicroSister is the "all female" series and debut the new 36 points Full Action Sister Body. The series include four new characters - MS-01 El, MS-02 Shion, MS-03 Ran and MS-04 Orga. The figures come package in the standard Microman half-size reseal-able blister card.



MicroSister series introduce all new core body for Microman line - the Full Action Sister Body. The new body represents a teenage Micro girl. The body has been totally redesign and use only a single screw on the main body which screw into the 3mm back port. The joints connectors are now base on "pin" design and the entire body can be taken apart with ease. The figure is quite small and stand only 8cm tall in height. Overall the body is very well design and open up many option for custom. There are several changes from the old body including ball joint for head, removable feet and ankle (which should help preventing the breakage and probably a necessity on such small body) and new hand attachments. There are only four type of hands (which I think is fine, the old body seven pairs of hands set is a bit overkill). The hands are now connected at the forearm instead of wrist (probably again due to the small size). The body is super-articulated (36 points) and pretty amazing for such small scale figure. The figure is pretty durable and there is no breakage but the some of the joints are a bit loose and could use some more tweaking for future releases. However overall this is an amazing core body with myriad of possibilities especially for those doing custom action-figures.




The theme for MicroSister is, of course, girl-powers and girl super-hero team. There are four members and each fit into the stereotypical girl team. El, a leader who is a bit vain and into fad and fashion but is friendly and optimistic. Shion, smart but naive girl and everybody big sister. Ran, a fighter with super reflex who is always on the move. And finally the outcast, Orga, the bad girl gone good and also the big gun of the team. The concept behind the new Sister Body and MicroSister seem to be slip on accessories. The figures heavily use the slip-on vinyl and plastic armor pieces (remind me of those Polly Pocket my daughter play with) instead of molded on armor like Road Force or snap on armor like the past Master and X series. The new body design make putting on these armor parts a much easier task and for the most part they do work very well. Each figure also comes with oversize chrome weapons and parts. The accessories for these girls are design for maximum re-configuration, the 3mm port is now the de facto interchangeable port for the modern Microman. The accessories for all four figures can be reconfigure into various mode and give these girls tons of option for play and display. These weapons are really big (common design for most Japanese super-hero) and some are a bit too heavy for these small figure but thank to TAKARA foresight, these figures come with new display stand that clip on to the figure body and allow them to be easily display.  While they can stand without the aid, they are clearly designed with the use of the stand in mind. The main gripes on this MicroSister seem to be the lack of stiffness on some of the joints and the hand joints. I was hoping TAKARA would move away from using PVC for hands with the new body since the shrinkage cause some to fit poorly.




Ran is the martial art expert and the "blade" master of the team. She sports blue metallic chromed body armor with halberd weapon, and optional "helm". The only problem with Ran is her chest armor which tend to fall apart easily since the two sections are hold together by the collar piece. The design is clever way of eliminating the peg but it just did not work very well for such small intricate piece. Ran has the best joints of all the four MicroSisters in my lot so the loose joints problem is not the design but the manufacturing and quality control. The new body really require high degree of precision due to the use of peg connectors and really small scale body, so Takara really got to be even more mindful of the quality control and plastic being used. Like the other three MicroSisters, Ran comes with several accessories (and they are very sharp and small so keep them away from little one). Her weapons and backpack can be reconfigures using 3mm connections.




Ran is the martial art expert of the group. She wears heavy armor and use purely hand to hand combat weapons. She has optional interchangeable armored helm.

The blister back has printed seal that can be cut out and use to decorate the figure stand. (I wish Takara would have include sticker instead and it would be more fitting for "girl" series).

Sister body came with three extra pairs of interchangeable hands.

Official MicroSister Stand. The new stand come with two posts and body clip that allow figure to be display in "flight" mode. The stand even has small hold so you can use push-pin to mount it the wall.

Microman Infomercial Vol.08 Catalog and story booklet.


SISTER STORY (as translated by Tomoyoshi Araki, edited by Paul L>)

Human and Micro-humanoids are (Microman) now sharing the same world ... but Microman has amazing power and some use them to fight for peace. An international organization, Microman Rescue Organization (MRO), is form for this purpose. MicroSister are the cadet of this body.


MicroSister has both the good looks and the skills and has become somewhat idolize by many, both the human and the Micro-human. MicroSister's motto is always fight for "peace on earth" but they are still young and inexperience. However someday these young girls might help erase any mistrust between human and Microman.