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Microman 2004 Series

Takara & Quanto & Neko Mook Zero One Side Shield - Microman Mission Force MFX-02 Shield Healer "Xiang-ni" (8/30/04)


Side Shield





Electronic Virus Microman - On Board & GGPX Shops Exclusive (5/26/04)
Death Blaze (White)

Death Blaze (Red)


Quanto Magazine Promotion Neko Zero-One Lucky Draw Prize (6/04)

AX-04 (ST) Stealth Biom


Material Force Special Edition Microman - SDCC 2004 Exclusive (7/21/04)
Micro Trainer Machine


Neighborhood Original Dark Army Microman - HDP Mail Away Exclusive (7/30/04)

Dark Army


Mission Force Microman Quanto Zero-One Neko Mook Exclusive (8/30/04)

MFX-01 Jin (Side Sword)

MFX-02 Xiang-ni (Side Shield)





Quanto Neko Mook Microman Zero One Side Shield

Microman MFX-02 Xiang-ni was sold as an appendix for Neko Zero One Microman Perfect Book Side Shield Mook (724). The set included special Microman magazine book (known as Mook in Japan) which contained full colors CG Photo Story of Microman 2004 series and Jin & Xiang-ni story.  The book also contained special "comic" section and catalog of Microman 2004 series. There was also second version of the same book called Shield Sword (723) which came with Jin Sword Warrior Microman figure instead. (The books were identical with only difference being the appendix section)


Appendix to Microman Zero One Mook Side Shield

The book was attached to cardboard box (an appendix to the book) with Microman MFX-02 Shield Healer "Xiang-ni" in small window box. The box was design like Microman 2004 card back.


Mission Force Story 

(from Zero One Mook - translated by Tomoyoshi Araki)


Mission Force are Microman Rapid Response Force. The team usually consisted of two Micro-Humanoids and they base usually locate in M.I.C.R. Public Volunteer house. (They live with human who work for M.I.C.R.). The team consisted two highly specialize Micro-Humanoids :


Sword Warrior - attack and counter attack specialist

Shield Healer - defend M.I.C.R Public Volunteer from Acro-Virus and also function as a healer.


MFX-01 Sword Warrior "Jin"

He has exceptional talent in fighting but a bit of a grump. He is not good at communication with human nor even fellow Microman. He loves solitude and has difficulty trusting other members of the team, friends and the humans.


Battle Technique : swords

Favorite Things : salmon roe & solitude

Blood type : nAO-

Equipment : Pulsar Shot & Energy Generator Backpack


Pulsar Shot is a special gun equip with wireless transmitter energy charging system. When charge, the blade section of the gun became energy sword but the time limit for this mode is only 5 seconds. Energy Generator is a backpack for charging Pulsar Shot, mission assistance, and physical control enhancer. When used as charger for Pulsar Shot, the unit take Numerator (Air) from the twin vacuum nozzles.


MFX-02 Shield Healer "Xiang-ni"

She is a healer and curer. She is very kind and gentle.  She has special talent in communicating with human. (She does not know that she is secretly a test case for studying Microman and Human communications and relationship)


Battle Technique : None

Favorite thing : Chinese food & cat

Blood Type : nOO-

Equipment - Angel Amulet & MICROM505 Computer Notepad


Angel Amulet is chest armor that able to generate "Air Numerator Filter" which project protective shield over 20m radius to protect human from Acro-Virus in the infected zone.  

MICROM505 Notepad is special computer that connects directly to M.I.C.R mainframe master computer. The computer is installed with V.R.S. (Virus Rejection System) which allowed Shield Healer to access the mainframe and view the database of all Acro-Virus infection.


Sword Warrior Accessories

MFX-02 Xiang-ni came with nominal accessories compared to the Lady Microman & Acro-Lady series. The accessories included Angel Amulet armor, MICROM505 Notepad and leg snap on piece (to hold the notepad).


Microman New Stand

The figure came with the new Microman 2004 stand. The stand has both new and old style (5mm) peg on it with Da Vinci's "Vetruvian Microman" logo embossed on it.




Microman Mission Force MFX-01Sword Warrior Jin and MFX-02 Shield Warrior Xiang-ni Exclusive was yet another collaboration project, this time it was between Takara and Neko (publisher of Quanto and Zero One magazine). Jin and Xiang-ni were the winning designs pick from Zero One Magazine contest. (Zero One was a subscription-base magazine about video games and toys). The figure was sold with special magazine book (known as "Mook" in Japan) called Microman 2004 Perfect Book Magazine Zero One. There were two versions of the books; Side Sword came with Sword Warrior "Jin" and Side Shield came with Shield Healer Xiang-ni. The book contained CG Photo Story of Microman 2004 and short story (a novella) about Jin & Xiang-ni Mission Force Team. The book also included special Microman comic and catalog checklist for Microman 2004 series. The book unfortunately was produced in very limited numbers (probably because the project was plan back before 2004 line became so popular) and they were quickly sold out in Japan.

Microman Jin and Xiang-ni were probably two of the more better though out and design exclusive figures for 2004 line. Microman Sword Warrior "Jin" and Shield Healer "Xiang-ni" were members of Microman Mission Force Team - a Rapid Response Force design to deal with Acroyear and spread of Acro-Virus. Side Shield of the team was Shield Healer "Xiang-ni". She was semi-translucent white Lady Microman with orange color trims and highlights. Her left arm has numerical "068" and her left leg has "Shield Healer" emblem along with M.I.C.R. logo. (She also has some slogan or team motto like "Jin" but they are too small of a print to read). Xiang-ni came only with small numbers of accessories but they work well for the figure. Her armor was basically a halter top called Angel Amulet with small button on the left side to activate the shield projector that filter out the deadly Acro-Virus. She also came with a small Notepad computer called Microm505 which allowed her to connect directly into M.I.C.R. Main Computer to access data on the Acro-Virus. The "angel" and "shield" were clearly the references to the Lady Command Microman from 1970's series. Xiang-ni also came with Microman stand and six extra pairs of hands just like other Lady Microman figure. 

Equipment Alternate Mode




Quanto Neko Zero One Magazine Contest Promotion. Readers picked from several choices of bodies and heads for the Zero One exclusive figures. The participants also got a chance to win Stealth Biom as Lucky Draw prize. The wining design for Jin was choice B for body and A for head while Xiang-ni was choice C for both head and body. Below is how Xiang-ni appeared in Microman comic that was in Zero One Mook Microman 2004 Perfect Book.