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1976 Microman Series

Microman Base - Transfer Fortress (c.1976)


Microman Transfer Fortress came in large box.


 Transfer Fortress cut-away and spec sheet.  The reverse side had artwork which features Microman Spy Magician fighting the President Acroyears in Transfer Fortress.


Transfer Fortress came with several accessories that allowed it to transform into various modes using these extra parts.

The "submarine" can be attached to motor propeller unit that came with other Microman water toy via the big L-shape connector.

Release in 1976, the Transfer Fortress was the first and only remote control vehicle in Microman line.   Transfer Fortress was not marketed as a Microman space ship but rather as Microman mobile base of operation which made it the fourth toy in Microman Base series.  The base was constructed by Spy Magician Microman and was used to search for other Microman.   The base came with numerous Interchangeable parts and loaded with many features.  The base was fully motorized and can be control by the wired remote controller unit that connected to the base via magnetic connectors.   The Fortress was truly a testament to the creativity and genius of Takara's toys designers. 

Transfer Fortress came with numerous parts that utilized the 5mm connectors which allowed the toy to be configured in numerous ways.  (See sidebar)  The wing sections also double as suction dart guns.  The toy can be used as remote control toy or as free moving bump and turn motorized toy.  (The controller part, which house the batteries, can be connected directly to the main part of the base - see picture below) 

Micronauts Battle Cruiser

When Mego licensed Microman toys from Takara in 1976, Transfer Fortress was sold as Battle Cruiser under Micronauts banner.  Unlike other Microman Base such as the Conning Tower Base and Roadstation Base that were also sold as Micronauts toys, Mego drastically changed the color scheme of the Transfer Fortress and gave it the all white color.  The dart guns were also replaced with safety rubber ball tip missiles.  Until now I had always wondering about the purpose of the two white cone shape parts that came with Micronauts Battle Cruiser but looking at Microman version the two parts (which were red in Microman version) were suppose to simulate the jet engine since they were suppose to be attach to the rear of the vehicle (the tail section with the wire for remote).

For more info regarding Micronauts Battle Cruiser check out Dave W. Inner Space On-line Micronauts ship section -  Battle Cruiser.  (Picture courtesy of Dave W.)