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Microman Spy Magician Series

Spy Car Series - 1 Marine Condor, 2 Sea Spider, 3 Racing Wolf, 4 Drag Tiger, and 5 Gyro Panther (c.1976)


Spy Cars were sold in black box with yellow bands much like the box design of Microman Spy Magician figures.  The boxes came in various sizes depend on the vehicle.  There was no Microman figure pack-in for the Spy Car series.

Spy Car series were not particularly rare and were probably not very popular when they were originally released since many could be found in dead-stock or mint condition.

Mego released Spy Car #1 Marine Condor as Micronauts Aquatron, however the toy lack the secret features and was change from green to yellow color. Mego also used Drag Tiger and Jet Mirror as basis for Micronauts Neo Orbitor and Thorium Orbitor.

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Below are beautiful side views of these often neglect Microman toys.  The Spy Car series was the last of the old Microman Zone style vehicle design and signaled the change from the late 60's sci-fi look to a more modern design. 

Spy Car Series was introduced in 1976 as part of Microman Spy Magician line up.  Spy Car Series was the third in the "Car" series, a successor to Cosmo Car and Machine Car from the previous years. Like the previous two Car Series, Spy Car came unassembled and must be put together by kid (or parents).  Unlike last year Machine Car line, Spy Car were not motorize, though they were design to be able to use motorized parts from the Machine Car or the Mecha-Cosmo toys.  Takara originally planned to release a total of seven Spy Cars but only six were produced and sold.

Spy Car #1 - Marine Condor

Marine Condor was design as water vehicle for Spy Magician.  Marine Condor was originally design to be able to seat Microman.  The toy can be use as a bath toy.  Marine Condor also double as secret radio and also as a roulette game.

Spy Car #2 - Sea Spider

Sea Spider, like Marine Condor, was also design as a water vehicle for Spy Magician.  Also like Marine Condor, it too can be use as bath toy.  Sea Spider had hidden magnetic wand and a mini-pachinko game.

Spy Car #3 - Racing Wolf

The third vehicle in the Spy Car series was a formula one race car.  Racing Wolf had hidden disc launcher and a spinning top game.  Racing Wolf came with cardboard targets.

Spy Car #4 - Drag Tiger

The fourth vehicle was a tri-cycle called Drag Tiger.  Drag Tiger had a cool hidden crossbow which also double as target shooting game.  Like Racing Wolf, Drag Tiger came with cardboard targets.

Spy Car #5 - Gyro Panther

Gyro Panther was a small helicopter for Spy Magician.  Gyro Panther had hidden secret telescope and a flying spinner.  This flying Spy Car also had a working crossbow and a ballistae. 

Spy Car #6 - Jet Mirror

Jet Mirror was the last of Spy Car to be released.  Jet Mirror was a jet plane with hidden kaleidoscopes and a wand.   Takara also plan another jet Spy Car call Sky Shark which would had been the seventh Spy Car toy, however the toy was cancel by Takara.

** Special Thank to Rescue Base Seattle for the re-deployment of Spy Car #1 , #3 & #5 to Microforever Base **

** Spy Car #2 & #4 came from Felix of Fantasia Toys, they were among the earliest Microman toys I acquired **