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1999 Replica Microman Series
Reproduction Microman Zone M10X (barefoot) (12/26/1998)


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The reproductions come on a blister card very much similar to Mego Micronauts.

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The "barefoot" lack the 5mm hole of the later 1975 released M10X.

M101 George - expert in the field of chemistry.     Able to make new elements and compounds very easily.   He later lead Garden area of GLFT

M102 Jack - leader of the original Microman.  He is peace loving and abhors the Acroyear attack on earth.  He has strong conviction and determination in the fight against the Acroyears.   He help revived Jeorge, Jesse and John from their capsules.     He  became head of Labarotory area of GLFT.

M103 Jesse - has twenty-five special abilities.   He also have a very strong telekinesis power.   Jesse later lead the Factory area of GLFT.

M104 John - well suit in scientific knowledge, especially in circuitry and electronic.     He was a main architect in designing many of the Microman bases.   He later head the Training area of GLFT.

Reproduction M10X Original Microman Barefoot (12/26/1998)

The first of the Microman Reproduction Series by Takara is the original Microman released in 1974.   The reproduction is very good but since the original molds are long gone,  the reproductions are slightly different than the original toys since they are made from a new   molds using the original toys as a model.  

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Reproduction M10X "barefoot" Microman came with reproduction of the capsule.

The reproduction are actually from the second released of original M10X, they have the rubber band and tube inside instead of the metal tab.   Takara also included the reproduction Capsule however they are the reproduction of the 1975 Capsule and not the original 1974 ones.   The Capsules are very nice touch and Takara even reproduced the original Microman logo sticker from the 1974 Capsules.  (The 1975 Capsules had different style logo - see section on 1975 Capsules Microman.)

M10X Story

M10X were revived by the sunlight, hence their clear translucent color appearance.    M10X colors are the color composition of sunlight (white light) which is white, yellow, red, orange, blue, green, and purple.   Since Microman body evolution are greatly affected by their environment, the prism crystal that cover the capsules probably break up the white light and give each M10X their distinct color from  the spectrum.    The black smoke M100 is the anti-light or black color.    The only color that has yet to be reissued by Takara is the green color M10X.

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L-R: M101 George, M102 Jack, M103 Jesse & M104 John